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What It Means To Be An Intimidating Woman

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What does it actually mean to be intimidating for a woman? Is it a compliment or an insult? It is something we can control. How can we best respond to being intimidated or manipulated by another woman?

Intimidating refers to women who are complex, outspoken, and strong-willed. Although there are many definitions of intimidating, its best description is a person who is confident and open-minded. 

What Is An “Intimidating” Woman?

A woman who is confident and won’t accept no for an answer. At a young age, women are taught to be polite and accept the answers they receive. If women refuse to accept the answer they are given, they are called ‘intimidating’. Women are labeled as ‘intimidating’ if it isn’t their turn to fight for what they want.

What Do You Do When You Find Yourself Feeling Intimidated By Another Woman?

Get to know them and learn as much as you can from them. Society uses the term ‘intimidating’ to describe women who are too complicated to comprehend at a glance. According to some, the most inspiring role models you can have are “intimidating”. They have strong values and a work ethic. And they don’t mind sharing their options.

What Happens When They Label You as An “Intimidating Woman”

You’re More Likely To Be Taken Seriously By Others

Many will discredit your opinions because you may be sweet and accommodating. Intimidating others means that people who might normally dismiss you will listen to you and take you seriously. A woman who is intimidating is not dismissed as a superficial airhead. That’s a good thing in relationships and career.

You’ll find yourself making connections with other intimidating women.

making connections with other intimidating women
You are easily connect to other intimidating women.

Women appreciate women who are able to do their jobs in the workplace and in life. You’ll want friends who aren’t afraid to be “intimidating” are what I need. You can be a badass woman surrounded by badass women.

You Aren’t A Magnet For The Wrong Type Of Men

Men who find you intimidating won’t approach you in person or online. A narcissist won’t want to be in a relationship that’s not able to be taken advantage of or who isn’t willing to suffer emotional abuse and gaslighting.

If a man is afraid of you, he will either not act on his desire for to get to know your strengths or he will do something stupid that will let you know he’s not the right guy. The right man will find you attractive and not intimidating.

Traits of An Intimidating Woman


Driven Intimidating Woman
Driven, yes!

Because of their work success and drive, many women are considered intimidating. This is precisely what makes intimidating women so powerful. Being intimidating can be a professional asset that can help you move forward and not hinder your career. Bulletproof motivation can make some people insecure but it is what you need to be successful in the workplace and beyond.

A Self-Pleaser, Not A People Pleaser

A Self-Pleaser
She is happy by herself.

An intimidating woman is usually not polite. She doesn’t try to get approval from others. She is a firm believer in her internal validation. An intimidating woman is not afraid to define boundaries and meet her needs, even when it causes discomfort for others.

An Intimidating Woman is Outspoken

This is one of the most important characteristics of an intimidating woman. These women are not usually quiet, but they choose their words carefully. These women are opinionated, honest and willing to defend what they believe in. A formidable woman, she doesn’t mince words and is a master at clear communication.

Has High Standards

An intimidating woman knows exactly what she wants and will not settle for less. When others don’t live up, she is often attacked for being too picky or difficult. This is what makes her so “intimidating”, especially when she doesn’t back down or lower her standards. She knows she is worthy of the things she wants and she is willing to do whatever it takes to get there.


It is a common belief that every woman needs a partner in order to feel fulfilled. This is a lie. Intimidating women have proven this to be false. A woman who is intimidating is independent and happy on her own. She wears this independence as a badge.

An Intimidating Woman is A Natural Leader

An Intimidating Woman is A Natural Leader

People often look up to women who are intimidating. Intimidating women are the best leaders. These same qualities that make women intimidating are great for leadership roles that require you to be focused, assertive, and driven. Hence, an intimidating woman is a great leader.


Let’s face it, not all intimidating women were born this way. Through personal and difficult experiences, they developed their resilience. Some of their most difficult experiences make them so intimidating. However, this is only a sign of their resilience. A formidable woman, she is well-known for her perseverance even in the face of difficult situations. She isn’t afraid to accept minor inconveniences because she knows that she can handle them. People who feel most intimidated by her might be because they think they are incapable of being as resilient as she. This is the most important trait of an intimidating woman.

An Intimidating Woman is Smart

A formidable woman, she is also extremely smart. She is also well-known for her street smarts. Most intimidating women don’t mind breaking out of their comfort zones. They’ve also learned many life lessons through firsthand experiences, and made a few mistakes along this journey. They are quick to pick up new skills and make good decisions no matter what life throws at them.

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