Jewish Scholarships And Grants For Women

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Jewish women can find it difficult to pay for college. There are many grants and scholarships that Jewish women have access to, both public and private. These grants can help make college affordable.

Many Jewish organizations offer scholarships to women that will help them pay college tuition. Check out these scholarships that allow Jewish women to afford college.

Jewish Endowment Foundation Scholarships

The Jewish Endowment Foundation provides thousands of dollars in scholarships for Jewish women with financial need. The foundation offers scholarships such as the Pauline A. Asinof Scholarship and the Daniel F. Berg Fund, Lucie F. Berg Award, Anne B. Frank Fund, and the Lucie Freedman award.

These scholarships are only a small selection of the many financial awards available from the Jewish Endowment Foundation. To be eligible for these scholarships, you must meet certain criteria such as a good GPA, SAT scores, and a quality personal statement.

To apply for any scholarship offered by the Jewish Endowment Foundation, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 in high school. Additionally, the combined SAT score should not be lower than 1300.

Jewish Endowment Foundation Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements

These requirements are easy to meet but the scholarships are highly competitive. To be eligible for scholarship money, you will need to have higher statistics. The Jewish Endowment Foundation can provide additional information to help you apply for scholarship funding.

  • Dependency status
  • The location of the college you want
  • Employment history
  • Extra Curricular Activities

Students will need to apply for scholarship money each year. 

Jewish Federation Academic Scholarships

There are chapters of the Jewish Federation in every corner of the country, and they offer scholarships to students who live in these areas. For Chicago-based Jewish students, the Jewish Federation in Chicago offers scholarships. Students who have demonstrated financial need can apply for scholarships from the Jewish Federation, which has more than $500,000 in funds.

Students applying for Jewish Federation scholarships as undergraduates must be seniors or juniors and ready to work in an advantageous position on the job market. 

Graduate students must participate in programs that promote careers in:

  • medicine: doctor, dentist, nurse, etc.
  • Education: Teacher, journalist, Jewish Studies.
  • Social service: psychologist, therapist, gerontologist, social worker.
  • Technical services: Engineer, chemists, mathematician, chemists, computer scientists, architects.

All applicants for Jewish Federation scholarships must also apply for scholarships, grants, and loans. Parents and students should also submit appropriate tax forms to prove financial need. Jewish women with significant financial need should apply for scholarships from Jewish Federation. The Jewish Federation of Chicago offers scholarships to students who plan to remain in Chicago after graduation.

Jewish Community Center North American Graduate Scholarships

Graduate students who are interested in a career at the Jewish Community Center can apply for a scholarship. This scholarship is available to students in social work, sports management, and physical education.

Part-time students may receive up to $10,000 in scholarship funds per year, while full-time students could receive up to $3,000 annually. Jewish women can receive scholarship funds as long as they make a contribution to the Jewish Community Center movement throughout their studies.

Who This Scholarship is For

Jewish women must apply for a scholarship if they are required to intern at a school. The North American Graduate Scholarship generally provides financial assistance for one to two years of schooling.

The North American Graduate Scholarship gives Jewish women the opportunity to study in graduate programs without worrying about high tuition. With a scholarship from The Jewish Community Center, Jewish women can help their community and get an education at a lower cost.

Kaplun Essay Contest

High school Jewish students in high schools who are seeking financial aid for college can submit essays to The Morris J. and Betty Kaplun Foundation. 

Two Main Contests

  • Students in grades 7 to 9 can write level 1 essays
  • Students in grades 10-12 can write level 2 essays.

Each level group’s five finalists will receive $750 and the first-place student at each essay level $1,800. Double-spaced essays are required and must not exceed 250 words. Level 1 essays must not exceed 1,000 words and level 2 essays no longer than 1,500 words.

Although the topics of essays can change each year, past topics range from parental obedience to holocaust remembrance. To avoid commonalities and to provide different challenges for different age groups, level 1 and 2 essay topics are distinct.

Jewish Foundation for Education of Women Scholarships

Jewish Foundation for Education of Women Scholarships

The Jewish Foundation for Education of Women offers scholarships and grants to women interested in pursuing various academic fields. To receive scholarship assistance, women interested in studying science, math, and health can write letters of inquiry. The letters should not exceed three pages and should include a budget for the family to show financial need. 

What Should be in your letter:

  • GPA must not be lower than 3.0
  • Here are some examples of students who have graduated from the program.
  • Women with similar GPAs to applicants have higher graduation rates
  • Students with similar GPAs have comparable job rates

Jewish women may submit letters of inquiry about aid for college programs. The Jewish Foundation for Education of Women funds are not available to all schools. All grants and scholarships awarded to students are renewable every year. Students must request renewal letters before the end of each academic year.

American Society of Women Accountants

Jewish women planning to major or pursue a career in accounting can apply for a scholarship through the American Society of Women Accountants. This organization was established to provide more opportunities for women who are interested in finance and accounting to obtain a college education.

The Master’s Scholarship is available to Jewish women who are studying accounting or finance in graduate school. Scholarships are available to students who are not members of the association. Applications for scholarships funds can be made to the American Society of Women Accountants through their local chapters.

National Council of Jewish Women Scholarships

The National Council of Jewish Women regularly takes part in social movements that promote women’s rights as well as child welfare. Jackson-Stricks Scholarship Fund may offer financial aid to Jewish women with disabilities.

Individuals can be awarded the scholarship to encourage independent living through a solid vocational training program. The scholarship fund is open to Jewish women who are either graduates or undergraduates at a New York metropolitan area college. 

The following information is required in order to apply for Jewish scholarship funds:

  • Transcript
  • Essay describing life goals
  • History of Employment
  • Description of disability

The Jackson-Stricks Scholarship Fund allows Jewish women with disabilities to receive a high-quality education at a reasonable cost. Every year, the National Council of Jewish Women grants this scholarship to students with inspirational goals and financial needs. You can find the application form for the Jackson Stricks Scholarship online at, under “services and the community”.

Jewish Vocational Service and Scholarships For Financial Need

The Jewish Vocational Service has offered need-based financial aid to over 3,500 students. Jewish women who have financial need can apply for scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. 

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • GPA above 2.7
  • Full-time enrollment in college
  • Citizen of Los Angeles
  • Jewish faith
  • No younger than 16 years old

The Jewish Vocational Service has distributed over $4 million in scholarship funding. Students receiving aid often study fields such as medicine, Jewish studies, law and dentistry. Jewish women should submit their FAFSA to prove financial need before applying for scholarship funds. Scholarship award amounts will be based on academic accomplishment in addition to financial need. Students who receive financial aid from the Jewish Vocational Service can study in community colleges, four-year colleges or universities and graduate schools in California

Finding Other Jewish Scholarship Opportunities

Additional scholarships for Jewish women can be found online through many sources. Many scholarships have multiple requirements and offer varying amounts. Every Jewish woman has the right to attend college and get a degree in a subject they choose.

Jewish women can apply for scholarships to help them find colleges and universities. Jewish women can find scholarships that suit their needs, regardless of whether they are in high school or raising kids as a single mother. Multiple scholarships increase your chances of winning and can lead to a more successful scholarship search.

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