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Private scholarships, fellowships and grants may be available to women who want to go to law school. For two semesters, the average law school tuition is between $15,000 and $45,000 per year. Law students graduate with more than $200,000 in student debts to cover tuition. 

Law School Scholarships & Grants

These law school scholarships are not advertised online like grants and scholarships for college. Women will need to search the Internet for scholarships because there is not much information or search engines that cater to law school scholarships.

Many scholarships are available for law students who do research on the health-care mandate, and its effect on women. There may be scholarships for women if you identify areas of law that are currently popular.

ABA-Approved Grants

The American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education aims to promote diversity and eliminate inequalities between social groups. The ABA Legal Opportunity Fund grants $15,000 to 20 law students to help them with their financial needs. According to the website, more than 70% of recipients of this scholarship are women.

You must be enrolled at law school to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is only available to those who have demonstrated their participation in pro bono and volunteer projects.

Individual grants can also be awarded by the ABA to law schools in order to help them with summer jobs at Legal Aid Service. This type of position may qualify for a grant of $3,000 to $4,000. These grants are usually non-taxable. You can find the most current list of grants from the American Bar Association at

Law Review Writing Competitions

Law Review Writing Competitions

Writing competitions for law review articles are a way to make some money and build credibility as a legal scholar. A law review article published in scholarly journals can immediately increase the likelihood of a law student being hired after graduation. Law students who have been published in scholarly publications are more attractive to employers.

Senior thesis publication in a college journal is also possible for women who major in criminal justice. Although it is unlikely that a law journal will publish an article written by an undergraduate, there are many academic journals that only publish undergraduate scholarship. The UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme) hosts every year symposiums that allow undergraduates from all over the country to present their research and get grants.

Private Writing Competitions

Private writing contests offer law students the chance to make some extra money. To see the complete list of private student writing contests, visit the website. This website allows you to organize the various private writing competitions in different areas of law. You can find a variety of competitions that are focused on publishing articles related to probate, trusts and wills if you have an interest. Browse this website to create your own list to submit to private writing competitions.

Remember that grammatically correct and well-written pieces are the keys to winning a private contest. It can be difficult to win a cash prize in writing contests. Write about a particular law that requires reformation. People enjoy reading well-written pieces with a strong argument and a point. These writing competitions are a great way to make yourself stand out among the crowd, as many students spend little time on them.

Law School Alumni Scholarships For Women

Most likely, your law school offers scholarships. You have the highest chance of getting a scholarship through a law school. This is why this is one of the best places to look for scholarships. A strong alumni scholarship fund is likely to be available if you are a student at a well-respected law school like Harvard Law School or the University of Michigan Law School.

Make sure you fully explain your financial aid needs to any officer from the Department of financial aid. To be able to afford your law school, you must clearly explain why you require additional scholarship money. A person in authority will just take the next person. Financial aid officers can help you understand your financial difficulties and how they can help you.

Federal Financial Aid

Every year, file the FAFSA. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Law students and other graduate students are generally not eligible for grants that have no repayment obligation. You may be eligible for a work-study loan and grant.

The government offers work-study grants up to $2,500 per year. Each law school has a position called “work-study.” They are very easy to get and require little work. A work-study job allows students to gain writing, research, and analytical experience.

Individual Law School Scholarships

It is often difficult to find individual scholarships through search engines. The librarians at your school, financial aid directors, and your school’s website are your best resources. Most likely, your law school has a list of individual scholarship competitions. This list is likely to be found on the website of your law school. You can then choose the scholarships that are most appealing to you.

Recent popularity has been given to scholarships for women and minorities. Many law firms offer scholarships to help students with legal education.

Prestigious Individual Law School Scholarships

A scholarship is more than a cash prize. A scholarship like the one listed above can boost a young woman’s resume. These scholarships could also provide summer jobs for women in the legal industry.

Equal Justice America Fellowships

Prestigious Individual Law School Scholarships

The Equal Justice America organization supports law students who work for the poor. The organization offers scholarships up to $1,500 for law students who work in a non-profit public interest firm that benefits the poor and indigent.

Law students need to submit a cover letter describing the position they will be holding at a public-interest firm for one semester. Before applying for fellowships, a position must be secured.

Law School Fulbright Grants & Scholarships

Fulbright scholars are a lasting recognition. These grants open doors to women in business, public service law and private practice. This grant is highly competitive.

Fulbright grants you the ability to travel and teach abroad. You can direct your research and present it to a committee after completion. These grants are highly lucrative and can give you academic freedom you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Research in a foreign country can bring you around $2,000 per month. All you have to do is convince the committee that the topic of your research is worthwhile.

You should submit multiple applications for Fulbright grants every year as hundreds of them go unclaimed each year. The deadline falls around March middle.

International Federation Of University Women

This international organization offers scholarships to women from all over the globe. To be eligible for one of these grants, a woman must be from South Africa or Norway, Japan. India. Great Britain. France. Australia. The United States. A grant should be applied for by a law student in her second year. The criteria for judging applicants is how their research will benefit girls and women around the world. 

The American Association Of University Women Selected Professions For Fellowships for African-American Women

Women who have received historically underrepresented fields of study are eligible for this scholarship, which awards between $5,000 and $12,000. To be eligible for these competitive fellowships, a woman must have a degree in business, law or medicine. 

Women’s Research And Education Institute Congressional Fellowship On Women And Public Policy

This fellowship offers a $1,450 monthly stipend to women in policy. This organization aims to place more than 300 fellows in Washington, D.C. The fellows are involved in issues such as healthcare, reproductive rights, foreign affairs, Africa, and military matters facing women.

The fellowship does NOT cover travel, room and board expenses. The fellowship will pay up to $750 for tuition costs for each fellow in the next year. It is a highly prestigious program. Many fellows went on to become politicians. 

Internationally-Based Law School Scholarships

A few law school grants are specifically for women who live in a specific geographic area. These grants can be great financial aid for students studying abroad.

Australian Federation Of Women Law School: Scholarships & Fellowships

Australian Federation Of Women

The fellowship program supports and motivates young women who are pursuing law degrees overseas. Freda Bage Fellowship is a three-year fellowship offered by the organization. There are several one-year fellowships available.

To apply for the fellowship, women do not need to be Australian citizens. However, they must have attended a college in Australia. To be eligible for this fellowship, applicants must submit a curriculum, recommendation letters from professors and academic records.

Becas Chile Grants

The Becas Chile Grants are available to Chilean students. The Chilean government administers this program. This program provides financial aid to more than 30,000 students. Submit an application to its website.

Canadian Federation Of University Women

Every year, the Canadian Federation of University Women offers competitive grants. These grants range in amount from $2,000 to $12,000. Their website lists all available fellowships. Every fellowship has its own application requirements, so make sure you carefully read the descriptions.

American-Scandinavian Foundation

The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers over $500,000 to support its scholars in research and teaching of the law. Women must be citizens in Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, or Norway to apply. The Participating countries of this organization award this scholarship. 

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