Lesbian Moms And What You Should Know

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You might have questions about being lesbian moms or whether it is more difficult for children of the same-sex couple to meet and interact with them. You might also know that it is not appropriate to ask too many intimate questions.

Gay Doesn’t “Rub Off” Lesbian Moms

Gay Doesn’t “Rub Off” Lesbian Moms

There are many concerns and whispers. But there is no evidence that their children are more likely to become gay than those from straight parents. Children with lesbian moms are more likely to explore same-sex relationships than those of straight couples. However, it is not clear that this percentage differs from the proportion of kids who are gay. Keep in mind that most people today grew up with straight parents.

Their Kids Call Their Lesbian Moms Mom, Too

People often ask them what their children call them. It can be confusing for straight people to have two moms. However, that doesn’t mean their children don’t call them Mom. Sometimes they call one of them Mama and the other partner, Mommy. But, in reality, they are both moms and that’s okay. If in doubt, refer to them both as the mom of their child. They’ll tell you if their children call them something else.

They Worry About Bullying

They worry about it, because they’re parents too. These mamas hope you are teaching your children respect for differences. However, children can sometimes be cruel. They hope that your children will come to them with questions or concerns. They are proud of their relationship and want to show your children that they are not different from other families.

Neither Of The Lesbian Moms is “The Dad”

Neither of The Lesbian Moms is "The Dad"

Although they know that some people find it difficult to imagine a family without their male role model, since they are both women, there is no need for one. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses just as any parent. Being a father is not one of those things.

Research Proves Having Same-Sex Parents Isn’t A Detriment

Slate Magazine has been kind enough to compile 71 studies over the past 35 years. They all show that having same-sex parents is safe. You may also find evidence that contradicts this assertion, but these studies are often funded or underwritten in biased, faith-based anti-gay groups.

Some Studies Even Show Their Kids Might Be Happier

Although they don’t want it all to be a competition, current research shows that their children might be happier than those who were raised in traditional families. The key to harmony in the family and better health is how same-sex parents encourage children to develop their skills instead of conforming to gender stereotypes.

It’s Impolite to Ask Where Their Children Came From

No matter how they were born, their children are theirs. Some moms opt to donate sperm from someone they don’t know or from strangers. Others choose to adopt. It doesn’t matter what your relationship with the donor sperm is, it shouldn’t be a casual conversation topic. This is not a rule that applies to straight moms with children you aren’t biologically related to. It’s okay to bring this up in conversation, but it doesn’t matter. 

Their Children Have Male Role Models

It’s vital for children to see positive role models from all genders. They try to be role models for their children and also point out great men. Children are surrounded by many men, including their fathers, grandfathers and brothers, as well as neighbors, firefighters, police officers, teachers and coaches. It doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t good examples for their children if they don’t have a father.

They Don’t Have An Agenda; They Just Want to Live Their Lives

Their family is not a political statement. It’s a group made up of people who are united by love. They do not expect or want to be treated differently than any other person. They have the same rights as other families and deserve the same privileges. That’s all.

Lesbian Moms Love their Kids as Much as You Love Yours

Lesbian Moms Love their Kids

Their family is the most important thing. They love their children, and are loved as much as yours. They don’t see themselves as weird or strange.

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