A Letter To My Unborn Son

To you, my unborn son!

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You are my first child, my first and only everything. I will learn from you what it means to be a mother. Your example will teach me to be selfless and the meaning of pure love. Your stay in my belly will be over in a few weeks. I thought you might consider treating my belly as a star spa and resort for the remainder of your stay. Enjoy the warm pool and delicious self-served meals.

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I don’t know what you can expect at your birth. However, everything will change. Although I’ve never been able to adapt well to change, I am confident that this time will be different. My life has not been perfect. My life has been filled with sadness, pain, and disappointment. Although I don’t have the ability to prevent you from feeling these emotions, I will do my best to protect you. I’ll even risk my life to make sure you have the best childhood possible. You can count on me to be there for you throughout your entire life. You will always be loved by me, no matter what. I’m excited to help you learn to read, write, play baseball, cook, and ride a bicycle. I want you to grow and discover your own senses of humor. You can count on me to support you in any field you choose. 

I’ll help you see the beauty in everyday things, such as the light from a fire, the scent of honeysuckle, and the nostalgia of the music. There are many beautiful things you can see, feel, and keep in your mind. I hope you find true love and friendship. You must be confident and authentic to yourself, first and foremost. I don’t want you ever to feel insecure.

It’s scary, but it’s also beautiful.

There is so much more I can do. You are the one who allows me to share all these firsts. It was impossible for anyone else to do it. My little prince, God chose you. I pray for you to grow up sweet and strong, that you love Jesus Christ and have compassion for others.

Many things are still uncertain. While the future may not turn out exactly as you expected, we will work together to find out. I am certain that I will be a better person for meeting you. And, I will continue to love you for the rest of my life.

I pray you don’t let the world dim your beautiful and bright personality. I pray the world will be less cruel than it is to you. It won’t be kind. It will be brutal. But I will try my best to make it less harsh. I pray you are kind, patient, courageous, and generous. You already have so many of these qualities in me, which makes it so wonderful to be yours.

You are our first. And, you will always be our first.

You are our sun, moon, and all of my stars, little one.

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Love you so much, my dear baby, my unborn son!

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