Louisiana Trips – Best Friendly Road Trips For Families

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Louisiana is an excellent place if you are looking for the perfect state to take your loved ones on road trips. The Pelican State is home to many family-friendly attractions and experiences sure to please even the most discerning family members. 

From theme parks to aquariums to zoos, you will have no shortage of exciting things to do with your kids when visiting Louisiana. But if you are unsure where to visit in Louisiana, worry not, as there are plenty of family-friendly spots that will give you an unforgettable family adventure.

Best Family-Friendly Spots For Louisiana Road Trips

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Kiroli Park

Kiroli park is a fun-filled park for a fun family outing. Sitting on 150 acres of lush greenery in West Monroe, the park features numerous attractions and activities for every outdoor enthusiast.

Highlights of Kiroli include walking trails, a fish pond, a dog park, picnic areas, and tennis courts. They also have a lodge where you can stay during your trip to the park. 

The park is open from 7 am until dusk every day of the year. Better still, they charge an admission fee of only $1 per person.

Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo

If you prefer looking at animals rather than hiking through the woods, the Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo is the perfect destination. Located in Monroe, Louisiana, this tranquil spot is home to over 500 animals, including zebras, tigers, bears, baboons, and gibbons. 

The zoo’s exhibits are carefully constructed and designed to replicate the animals’ natural habitats. This gives visitors a unique perspective and a glimpse of these animals’ natural environments.

The Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo is often open daily from 10 am until 5 pm. It charges an admission fee of $4.50 for children between ages 3 and 12 and $6 for adults. When inside, ensure you follow all rules and regulations as they help maintain the safety of the animals and guests. 

Gator Country Alligator Park

Gator Country Alligator Park is the only place in the Pelican State where you can get intimately closer to alligators in the wild. This unique attraction is situated in Natchitoches and is home to more than 250 American alligators in their native habitats.

Visitors get a rare chance to wade through ponds filled with these fascinating creatures, watch them swim in the lagoon, or feed them from the pond’s banks.

Besides alligators, the park is also home to exotic birds, lemurs, and turtles. It is open every day from 10 am until 5 pm, with the admission fees being $10 for both adults and children. 

Kisatchie National Forest

Kisatchie National Forest is the only national forest in Louisiana, covering nearly 604,000 acres of untouched wilderness and lush forests. This stunning natural attraction allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without ever leaving the city.

Planning Family Road Trips To Louisiana

Visitors can take a relaxing walk in the woods or hike along the wilderness trails to explore this beauty. But you might want to bring your camera if you’re going to capture the beauty of this magnificent park. 

Essentials To Keep In Mind When Planning Family Road Trips To Louisiana

Even with all you can enjoy while visiting different places in Louisiana, you must be fully prepared for adventure. Ideally, it would help if you start by checking your car to ensure it is in good condition. Some necessary checks include tires, the car battery, oil, water, and brakes. 

Having the right auto insurance is also crucial for any road trip. The last thing you want to experience is financial trouble because of an accident during a family trip. 

Preferably, the best car insurance in Louisiana should cover all the essentials. These include bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and comprehensive and collision coverage. 

Final Words For Your Louisiana Trips

With all the family-friendly spots you can find here, there’s no doubt Louisiana is the perfect state for a family road trip. This is why families from all over the country come here for family fun, especially for summer vacation. 

However, to make the most of your Pelican State tour, you must prepare beforehand. Pack everything you need, and most importantly, have adequate auto insurance to cover you in case of an accident. 

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