How To Make Corrections To My FAFSA After Submitting It?

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The majority of questions on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(r) form ask about your current situation at the time you signed the application. There are certain situations where you may need to change or want to amend the information that you have reported. Wrong information on your FAFSA can cost you your financial aid, but the good news is that it is not too late to be making your corrections. This includes correcting or updating information. 

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How Can You Correct A Mistake On FAFSA?

If you entered incorrect information on your FAFSA from the day you signed it, then you can correct certain mistakes in your information. 

But there are a few things you cannot make changes to:

Your Social Security Number (SSN) Corrections

If your SSN is incorrect you will have to submit a completely new online FAFSA form with your correct SSN.

  • Submit a new FAFSA online form. This is often the fastest and easiest option. Notice: The date that your FAFSA application was processed and submitted will be changed by submitting a new FAFSA. You should check the deadlines for your school or state before you submit your FAFSA form to be eligible for financial aid.
  • To have your SSN changed, you can contact the financial aid office of any school listed in your Student Aid Report (SAR).
  • The simplest and most efficient way to change your SSN is to sign your paper SAR and then mail it at the address on the SAR. This process can take up to three weeks. Notice: You can’t change the SSN through the paper SAR more times than once.

Update On Situation Changes For FAFSA Corrections

Most information can’t be changed because it must reflect the date you signed your FAFSA application. You may not be able to update your FAFSA information if you have spent part of your savings. If there is a significant change in your income or other circumstances, you should contact the financial aid office of the school where you are planning to enroll.

If your contact information has changed, you can update your email address and mailing address. You must update certain items:

  1. Click the “LOGIN” button to enter your FSA ID.
  2. Select “Make Corrections” from the “My FAFSA” page.
  3. Save the key.
  4. Modify your information.
  5. Submit your new information.
  • FAFSA Corrections via Paper

You need to request a form to correct or update information on your paper Student Aid Report (SAR). After making your corrections, sign the form and mail it to the address on the SAR. 

  • FAFSA Corrections via Phone

Phone the Federal Student Aid Information Center on 1-800-433-3243 to update your mailing address or add a college to your FAFSA. (Keep in mind that you cannot have more than 10 schools listed on your FAFSA form at once.)

Be sure to have your 4-digit Data Release Number (DRN) on hand. You can find your DRN on the top right corner of your SAR.  

Update On Situation Changes For Fafsa Corrections

How Long Will It Take My School To Receive FAFSA Corrections?

Once your updated FAFSA is done you will receive a confirmation number. Usually FAFSA corrections are processed within 3 to 5 days. After FAFSA updates your corrections you will receive a new Student Aid Report (SAR). 

In the rare case where you are unable to update or correct information on your FAFSA, contact your school’s Financial Aid Office for help. 

Conclusion About FAFSA Corrections

We hope that we have helped answer some of your questions and concerns regarding making FAFSA corrections.

Remember to try your best to provide accurate information on your FAFSA. If you’ve made a mistake it’s no big deal-just make your corrections as soon as possible because it does impact your financial aid eligibility.

  • Update anything that affects your dependency status (e.g., if you become pregnant or are in legal guardianship). You must inform the financial aid office if your marital status has changed to update the FAFSA form.
  • You will need to update your FAFSA forms if your family has changed. To determine if the FAFSA form can be updated if the number of family members changes due to a change in the student’s marital status, please speak with the financial aid office at your school.
  • You will only be selected for verification if you have changed the number of college-eligible students in your family or in your household. To determine if your (or the student’s) marital status has changed, you need to speak with the financial aid office of the school you are planning to attend.

What To Update In FAFSA Corrections If Your Situation Has Changed?

Your financial information

The financial information cannot be changed unless it was incorrect from the day your FAFSA was submitted. 

Your marital status

No changes can be made to your marital status unless it was incorrect from the day your FAFSA was submitted.

Your Marital Status
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