How to make it through your pregnancy without killing people

I have 10 more weeks to go before my little bug is here.

10 more weeks of having people ask me about the baby’s name, it’s gender, the way I want to raise it, where I’ll give birth, where the baby daddy is, how in the world I’m going to manage raising a kid on my own and did I mention people asking me about and giving me their opinion on the name?

I’m trying hard to stay upbeat and meet everyone’s questions with grace and compassion, but my inner bitch is getting louder every day.

It’s hard to stay clam and polite when you’re bothered by curious questions every single day. Especially since most of those questions come from people you haven’t even heard of in decades.

It makes you want to scream, call people names and, well, lynch them in a very mean way.

But since we live in a civilized world, we can’t really do that, can we?

That’s why I’ve put together 8 tips helping you to stay calm when people stick their noses into business that really is none of theirs.

just breathe

#1. Breathe

It may sound simple and obvious, but it’s super effective. When someone asks you penetrating questions or shares that you will surely expect a girl because you look, well, ugly, just take a few deep breaths. Take your time and once you feel calmer, answer respectfully.

#2. Be blunt

But not nasty. Tell people that you respect their thoughts, but would appreciate them not trying to discuss baby names with you or share their birth horror stories at this point as you feel this is your journey and you will do what feels right to you.

#3. Turn off Facebook

Facebook seems to make people even nosier than normal – at least that’s what happens in my case. The remedy is simple: stay off Facebook for the remainder of your pregnancy. It’ll give you some much-needed peace of mind and it’ll help you to enjoy your last weeks of growing a baby without having to answer questions about being a single mom.

#4. Confide in people you love

Talk about your frustration with people you love and who really care about you. Even better, share your experiences with a group of women who are pregnant too. They’ll understand and be able to commiserate. Just be sure to not feel sorry for yourself for too long. It’s easy to fall into a place of self-pity and never dig yourself out of it. Instead, focus on what really matters and be grateful for experiencing this special time of your life.

#5. Hurt them…

In your head. OK, this sounds harsh and it might be. But sometimes, imagining hurting someone a tiny little bit helps a lot. Play out your desire for getting back at people in your mind. You’ll feel better almost instantly.

#6. Remember that it’ll be over soon

What’s another 10 weeks of having people ask you annoying questions? Just keep repeating to yourself that “it’ll be over soon”. This has helped me through many situations in the past few weeks.

#7. Practice self-care

It’s important not to get too worked up over stupid people asking dumb questions. It’s not good for you or the baby. Instead, treat yourself to a massage, a mani/pedi, a long bath or a cup of ice cream. Forget about everyone and instead bask in the knowledge that you and your baby will soon be together.

#8. Blame it on the hormones

In case you do end up being snappish a few times too often, simply blame it on your hormones. After all, being pregnant has to be good for something, right?

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What are your best tips to make it through a pregnancy without killing someone. Tell us!

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