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Parents have the responsibility to support their child and provide care. This obligation applies even if the parents aren’t together. It will benefit the child if both parents meet their obligations. Child support laws and calculator in Michigan help make it legal for parents to care for their child and not to abandon them for one or another.

The Process For Child Support After Divorce

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) provides child support services. A child support case is automatically open for single parents who are on public assistance at any time. However, parents who did not have a case opened for them or who have not received public assistance and wish to apply for child support online or download and fill the IV-D Child Support Services Application/Referral – DHS-1201 form, then mail it in. To receive cash assistance, parents receiving public assistance must assign their child support to the state.

The application asks the custodial parents to provide information about their non-custodial children. Names, addresses, social security numbers, last known addresses, last known addresses, car make and model, registration details, assets, etc. are all required. You may also need a photograph. These details can be very useful as they can help locate the parent. The case can’t proceed unless the other parent has been located and served notice. Sometimes, it is possible to access the social media accounts of the other parent.

Confirmation of Paternity

Confirmation Of Paternity

The legal father of the child is the man if the parents were married at the time the child was born, or the mother became pregnant. If the parents are not married, however, paternity will need to be established. Both parents can complete an affidavit to establish paternity for the father’s name addition on the child’s birth certificate. If the paternity or legality of the child is in dispute, you can contact the local family court to establish paternity. Through DNA testing, can help analyze the DNA of the child and the alleged father. The results of this test are reliable and considered to be definitive. MDHHS can decide how much child support should be after establishing paternity.

How To Receive Child Support and Calculator Tool in Michigan

How To Receive Child Support And Calculator Tool In Michigan

The Michigan State Disbursement Unit handles child support payments using calculator. The payments goes through to the state if the custodial parent is eligible for public assistance.

Parents can receive the child support payments through checking or savings accounts. Or, parents can withdraw the money from a debit card account. The first child support payment will be mailed in a paper check. The check comes with a Direct Deposit Request form. Parents must complete the form if they want their child support payments into their bank accounts rather than paper checks. The parents will automatically be issued a Way2Go Prepaid MasterCard debit card if the form isn’t returned. Comerica Bank issues this card and funds are loaded onto it after they have been received from the noncustodial parent.

Parents who are unable to receive their funds electronically may have an exception. This applies to people with a mental or physical disabled, those who live more than three miles away from their bank or ATM. They will still receive their checks by mail in these cases.

If a parent wishes to change their mode of receiving payments, they can fill the relevant form.

The Maximum Amount That Your Family Can Receive For Child Support with Calculator in Michigan

The court uses Child support guidelines in Michigan to decide how much child support should be. These guidelines take into account the income (including inheritance), assets, healthcare obligations, time with each parent (in the case of shared custody), beneficiaries, health, and other factors. These factors are crucial in determining the fair amount of support. This balances payments so that the parent who is paying the support does not have to suffer hardships due to the obligations.

The state also maintains a child support calculator that estimates what a parent might pay for child support. These results do not represent a child support order and are not final. The best way to get an accurate figure of support is to provide as much detail as possible.

Enforcement of Child Support

The Friend of the Court in Michigan is responsible for enforcing child-support orders. There will be enforcement actions against parents who fail to pay child support and don’t have the proper documentation or permission. These actions include:

In this case, the support is directly from the parent’s wages. You can use income withholding to collect any outstanding or current child support.

There may be interceptions from tax refunds if arrearages exceed certain thresholds.

  • Suspending various licenses
  • Refusing to accept passport applications
  • Sending reports to credit agencies.

Extreme cases may lead to court action and possibly jail time.

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