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Modest Needs, a tax-exempt charity, makes small grants for low-income workers who have experienced a short-term financial crisis. If that financial emergency isn’t addressed immediately, they are at risk of falling into poverty and/or the long-term cycle.

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Modest Needs Programs

Self-Sufficiency Grant

Modest Needs provides Self-Sufficiency grants by making a payment to a creditor on behalf of an otherwise self-sufficient individual or family for an emergency expense that the family or individual could not have foreseen or planned for. Our goal in making a Self sufficiency Grant is to stop an otherwise self-sufficient family or individual from falling into poverty due to the financial burden of a relatively small emergency expense.

Modest Needs Provide Back-to-Work Grants

Modest Needs Provide Back-to-Work Grants

They do so by paying a small fee to cover an expense. An expense that will enable a temporarily unemployed person to return to full-time productive employment. The goal is to give a willing, but temporarily unemployed person the opportunity to return to work.

Independent Living Grants

Modest Needs provides Independent Living Grants to persons with permanent disabilities who cannot work. But these people are able to live independently on their limited income. This could be their retirement income or permanent disability income. Independent Living Grants are designed to enable financially responsible people who cannot work to be able to live independently with limited incomes. This is in spite of unexpected expenses that no other agency can address.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Grants

Modest Needs were granted special funding to support our Hurricane Katrina Relief Program. This program was created to help families that are normally self-sufficient and those who have increased household costs due to Katrina’s displacement.

If you want to validate the grants and its operation, other information about the Modest Needs Programs can be found on their official site:

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