Mommy Makeover in California

How much does Mommy Makeover cost in 2021 in California?

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Being a mother is one the most precious feelings in the world. Motherhood gives you an inborn sense of responsibility for your children and a desire to care for them. But, during pregnancy, and after childbirth, a woman’s body experiences many drastic changes.

A Makeover is a great and efficient way to regain your pre-pregnancy figure as mothers often complain after giving birth. However, what is included and how much does mommy makeover cost in 2021 in California?

How much does Mommy Makeover cost in 2021 in California?

A mommy makeover refers to a series or cosmetic procedures that all aim to slim the body and make it look more toned. There are many types of smaller procedures involved includes breast augmentation, breast augmentation, breast lifting, liposuction, and vaginal rejuvenation. Cost of a mommy makeover depends on how many surgeries you need and on the location, surgeon and hospital.

You can have these cosmetic procedures done at the same place, lowering the overall cost for mommy makeover.

What is all included in a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover Options | Mommy Makeover Surgery in California
What are Mommy Makeover Options?

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is done using implants to correct the shape of breasts that are now too disproportional. Also, you can use autologous fat from your own body. This procedure can be used to increase breast volume, particularly after pregnancy. The Costs of Breast augmentation in California range from US$ 5,000 to US$ 10,999.

Breast Lift

To increase the size and elasticity of breasts, surgeons use Breast lift surgery. This involves removing excess skin from the breasts, and tightening the surrounding tissue.

It is possible to reshape breasts this way. But, breast augmentation is less popular than breast lift. Breast lifts in California cost on average between US$ 5,000 and US$ 10,000.

Tummy Tuck

A body-remodeling cosmetic surgery called tummy tuck, involves the removal of excess fat cells and skin in the stomach area.

This will give your stomach a smooth profile. As a result, it is a great way to have a flat and firm stomach, especially after childbirth. California’s average cost for a tummy resection is about US$ 6,000 and over.

Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation increases the shape, size and profile of the buttocks. Brazilian butt lift is the most common type of butt augmentation.

The doctor can use either artificial implants or autologous fat for buttock augmentation. In short, this will increase the volume and shape of the buttocks. California’s average cost for buttock augmentation is around US$ 5,000.


One of the most common methods to get rid of stubborn fat deposits is liposuction. This is a great cosmetic surgery because it improves your body’s shape. Most liposuction can be done on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. California’s average liposuction cost is more than US$ 3,500.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

A common component of mommy makeovers is vaginal rejuvenation. This umbrella term describes a combination of vaginoplasty, labiaplasty and clitoral reduction. To make the right decision, it is important to talk with your surgeon about each procedure. California’s average cost for vaginal rejuvenation is US$ 3,000 or more.

Are there other factors that affect the Price of Mommy Makeover?

You should expect to pay some extra expenses, in addition to the costs of the procedures. The cost of a mommy makeover depends on several factors. These factors include the cost of anesthesia, the surgeon’s fees and surgical facility.

It is important to find a certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in order to ensure a mommy makeover that is successful. This will ensure that the surgeon you choose has the right skills, training, and expertise to complete a mommy makeover.

Lower the Makeover Cost for Mommy

California has the highest cost of living in the United States. So, you can expect mommy makeover costs to be higher than elsewhere in the country.

To find out if your insurance covers any of these procedures, you can consult your insurance provider. You can lower the cost of a mommy makeover in California by doing this.

Besides, Single Moms can consider apply for Grants for Mommy Makeover.

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