National Single Parent Day

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National Single Parent Day is celebrated on March 21st. It honors single parents who have put in so much effort, devotion and sacrifice to provide a stable home for their children. Raising children can be difficult. It is more difficult to raise children alone. Single parents are often burdened, whether by choice or necessity. One person can only handle so much: school, work, daycare, doctor visits, etc.

Many single parents receive support from their families. Like other families, grandparents, siblings and extended family members can help. It is important that they do. According to the 2016 U.S. Census 23% of American children live in a single parent home and 4% with a single dad.

A single parent does not make a parent a bad one. Many single parents agree that children are better off with two parents. But, it is not uncommon for one parent to be able to do the job without the support of a second.

National Single Parents Day History

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Janice Moglen, a 1984 writer, hoped that Single Parent Day would one day be recognized like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. In collaboration with Parents Without Partners, she began petitioning for states to recognize Single Parent Day. The 21st of March coincides with the date of inception of Parents Without Partners on March 21, 1957. President Ronald Reagan presented and signed Proclamation 5166 declaring March 21st 1984 National Single Parent Day.

Celebrating National Single Parents Day

You can show support for single parents on Single Parents Day by showing your appreciation and showing your support. No matter if it’s a coworker, friend, neighbor, or family member you can tell them you are proud of what they do and you will be there for them if they need it. This gesture can make a huge difference, especially if someone is having a difficult time getting their child to school.

You could help out Single Parents’ Day if you have the ability. This will allow someone you know to take a break from their never-ending to do list. You don’t have to offer to babysit for single parents on this day. However, you could. You can also help single parents in other ways, such as running their errands or cooking them dinner so they don’t have to cook.

Single parents should celebrate themselves on this day! After all, you deserve it! You don’t have to be shy about asking a friend or family member to babysit for you. So in this day, you can get some pampering time. You may decide that spending time with your child is the best way to spend this special day. You could go to the movies together, or out for a meal. Whatever you do, remember that everyone is thinking about you. We appreciate and admire all that you do.

FAQ about Single Parent

Is being a single parent and co-parenting the same thing?

No, while they may be eligible for financial support, the primary responsibility for the children’s care is that of one parent. Both parents provide care and support for the children, even though they may live in separate homes or with the help of a stepparent.

What are some ways to help a single parent?

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What you can do to help single parents?
  • Offer to look after the children for an hour or so while the parent goes on errands or to a movie or to a parent-teacher conference.
  • Invite the single parent and their children to dinner. While the adults chat, let the children have fun with yours.
  • Offer to take family photos
  • Give your child the clothes you have outgrown.
  • Flexibility is key to success as an employer.
  • Include children from one parent in activities with your children.
  • Praise the single parent. Encourage them to do a great job.
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Lori Pace

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