Native American Housing Grants

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The Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) Program provides grants for Native American (Indian) housing. These programs include:

  • Affordable housing development
  • Maintenance
  • Operation in safe and healthy areas on American Indian reservations
  • Other housing activities that are affordable to low-income American Indian families

The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) prioritizes funding for new construction, rehabilitation, acquisitions of units, and other affordable housing-related infrastructure projects. However, applicants can also apply for funding under NAHASDA to fund eligible activities.

The expected outcome of this program is to reduce the number of families living in substandard housing and reduce overcrowding. Their goal is also to increase homeownership rates. Providing help for people who need proper accommodation is also expected to reduce drug-related or HIV-related crimes, and eliminate health-related hazards. The program also hopes to improve energy efficiency and help homes become accessible for those with disabilities.

Condominium, Native American Housing Grants
The Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) Program provides Native American (Indian) housing grants.

Eligibility to Apply for Native American Housing Grants

Applicants nationwide need to be in tribes, tribal organizations, and tribally designated housing entities. The applicants should engage in long-term planning. They must ensure that the proposed project is part of an overall plan that includes future infrastructure and economic development opportunities.

Amount of Funding

  • Award ceiling: $5,000,000
  • Award floor: $500,000

The project period can be up to 5 years, and the estimated number of awards is 20. This is because the estimated total program funding is $95,00,000.

Native American Housing Grants Application Process

To receive IHBG funding, IHBG recipients must submit an Indian Housing Plan. The report form guidance contains information about the application instructions, requirements, as well as other information concerning the completion of an IHP or APR. Recipients can submit their IHPs and/or APRs via the Energy and Performance Information Center, HUD’s web-based submission platform. However, you must not submit IHPs more than 75 days prior to the start of the program year. The recipient can choose from the following dates to begin the program year:

All NOFO applications that have passed application screening and threshold review will receive a rating. The score of the NOFO application will determine the rank order in which funds are awarded. HUD reserves the right to issue an independent or supplemental NOFO if required (e.g. to ensure that all funds have been allocated). Grantees must adhere to the NAHASDA requirements and 24 CFR Part 1000. has links to the full announcement, but visit the HUD website for instructions and the online application process. is the best place to submit applications.

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