New Hampshire Financial Assistance to Needy Families (FANF).

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New Hampshire TANF or Financial Assistance for Needy Families (FANF) assists low-income families with minor children through temporary cash assistance. 

There are four different eligibility categories but each category provides the same level of cash assistance.

Recipients are moved from one category to another when there are changes in a family’s circumstances.

Four categories of cash assistance (FANF) in New Hampshire: 

1. New Hampshire Employment Program (NHEP) 

The NHEP assists families with minor children at the poverty level. They require all work-eligible to participate in work participation requirements. 

NHEP participants receive employment opportunities, job readiness, vocational education, and training services to help them become self-sufficient.

2. Family Assistance Program (FAP) 

Family Assistance Program (FAP) assists households with adults in the family with a disability, a senior, or is unable to work due to illness, domestic violence, or facing homelessness. The program is available for children living with a caretaker relative and has no parent present.

2. Family Assistance Program Fap

They do not require adults under the program to work to receive assistance.

3. Interim Disabled Parent Program (IDP) 

The IDP provides assistance to families with at least one parent incapable of participating in work activities due to a disability through cash and medical benefits. 

The program is for adults with short-term disabilities. The state will assess them after a certain time to see whether or not they’ll be moved to the NHEP program.

4. Families with Older Children (FWOC) 

FANF provides temporary cash assistance for 60 months, but the average duration of families under the program is for 18 months. Those under the program are qualified for Medicaid and the children are qualified for Healthy Kids Gold Coverage.

4. Families With Older Children Fwoc

How much cash assistance will I get in NH? 

The benefits you receive from TANF largely depend on your family’s income, resources, and living arrangements. A family of three without income receives monthly up to $1,086 from New Hampshire

How do I apply for welfare in NH? 

Start your application online through New Hampshire’s electronic application system that can help you check your eligibility and track your application status, NH EASY.

Contact 1-800-852-3345 to learn more about New Hampshire’s FANF

  1. Healthy Kids Silver and Healthy Kids Gold are now addressed as Medicaid.
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