North Dakota Child Support: Single Moms Should Know

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Parents of children has the responsibility to care for and provide support for their children, regardless of whether or not they marry. The cost of caring for a child can be too burdensome to bear on one’s income. Therefore, both parents must share in the responsibility of the child’s care. Child support regulations in North Dakota (ND) make it obligatory for parents to look after their child. This will improve the child’s well-being and reduce the burden on the public treasuries by providing support programs for care.

The Process For Child Support After Divorce

Child Support in North Dakota is a division of the Department of Human Services. To request child support, custodial parents must fill out an application form which you can do on the state’s online portal. Parents can request either full or non-custodial services through the portal. They charge a $35 annual fee to parents who have not received assistance through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Once the annual child support collection exceeds $550, this fee is deducted. Beneficiaries of TANF in North Dakota or other public assistance programs are exempt from this fee. They automatically register for child support.

To complete the application, you will need to provide the following information: name, address, job details, physical description, telephone numbers, etc. The noncustodial parent’s name, address and employment information. You can also fill out a section about the child. Particularly details about the noncustodial parent are important details that the applicant must provide. They will use the information in an attempt to contact the other parent. It is vital to locate the non-custodial parents as child support cases cannot proceed without them serving a notice. In the event of enforcement action, the custodial parents may be able to provide information on the properties owned by the noncustodial.

After Locating The Noncustodial Parent

After serving the notice of child support to the other parent, it is time for the next step: to determine paternity. If the parents were married at the time the child was born, then the father is the husband. If the parents did not marry, it is necessary to take steps to establish legal fatherhood. A Voluntary paternity acknowledgment is the most common way to do this. Signing the voluntary paternity acknowledgment is when both parents are sure of the father of the child, they can access the paternity form online and fill it out. You can also fill out the Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgment Form at the hospital as soon as the baby is born.

Genetic testing which they can do at a Child Support Office, may be necessary if there is any dispute about the father of the child. They collect tissue samples by rubbing a cotton swab onto the inside of each person’s mouth. They test all three people: the mother, child and alleged father. In case of doubt, each person is photographed. The results of the tests are free and usually arrive within two weeks. If the results are positive, you can legally establish paternity. For additional information on establishing paternity, visit the ND child support website.

After the establishment of paternity, the child support case can move forward to establish the actual child support order as well as the financial obligations.

How To Receive Child Support

North Dakota has two options for child support payments to custodial parents. These options are:

  • smiONE Visa Prepaid card: This debit card is automatically issued to parents who have received child support but have not yet registered for direct deposits. You can use the card to check your account balance, withdraw funds or pay bills.
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  • Direct Deposit: This electronic transfer arrangement is called direct deposit. Once child support funds have been made available, they will be automatically transferred to the bank account of the parent who registered for them in their case. Parents who wish to enroll for direct deposit must first fill a Direct Deposit Enrolment and Authorization. Additional details about the direct deposit is on the ND Child Support website.

The Maximum Amount That Your Family Can Receive For Child Support

They use pre-defined guidelines to establish child support payments in North Dakota. Anyone who is responsible for establishing the child support order must refer to these guidelines. Considerations such as the income of the parent to whom support is due, the number and nature of the children, any other child support obligations, and the status of any noncustodial parents are all important. The child support guidelines include these factors. So, you can find the Current Child Support Guidelines of the state online.

Parents can also use a simple ND Child Support calculator to estimate how much child support they might be receiving. 

Enforcement of Child Support

In some cases of child support enforcement actions, the North Dakota Child Support might have to intervene. This happens when there is non-completion or delay in payments. To ensure compliance with child support obligations, some enforcement actions and services in ND include:

  • Credit Reporting: Credit agencies are notified of parents who have missed one month of payments. This affects the parent’s credit score.
  • Passport denial: Parents who owe over $2500 in child support are denied passport renewals and applications.
  • They can withhold tax credits to pay child support obligations.
  • The noncustodial parent’s occupational, recreational, and driver’s licenses can be up for suspension if they owe $2000 or two months of child support.
  • They can charge parents who refuse to pay child support, even when they can. These parents could also face jail time.
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