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How to Find Love Online – Advice for Single Mothers

Last Updated on November 9, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Online dating is daunting, and being a single mom is even worse. Now how do we combine these two things without anyone getting hurt?

If you’re ready to jump in the saddle again and want to try online dating, you’ve come to the right place. It can, however, be challenging to know what to do and how to be yourself in an online world.

Tips for Single Mom Online Dating

1. Make Sure That You Are Ready and Committed to the Process.

Things have probably changed quite a bit since you were fancy free and dating back in 19 who even remembers.  Things have changed and you, my dear, are going to have to change with it.

Before you even decide to turn on the computer, make sure that you are ready to start dating again.  You shouldn’t be in rebound mode or angry because your ex has found someone new.  Make sure that you are ready to start dating because you are ready to have a good time without your children and need some male companionship.

Don’t start feeling guilty.  You deserve to take some time out for yourself every now and then and what better way than in the company of a man? Ensure that you understand that it may take time to weed out the frogs until you find someone you are interested in meeting in person and/or going out with.

2. Make a Profile with a Current Picture.

When making a profile be sure to keep it short and sweet.

Remember, men are going to look at your pictures before they bother to read your profile.  Please don’t post a picture that was taken 10 years ago. You don’t want to start what could be a relationship with a lie. Make sure that you have a cute, current picture on your profile.

Be careful with the tone of the picture you choose. Sexual images will hint at a sexual relationship, whereas being too formal won’t help. Try to focus on what you’re looking to get out of the relationship and post photos and information according to that.

3. Don’t Lie about What You’re Looking For

Be honest about what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a serious relationship or just friend, be sure to state that.  You don’t want to lead anyone on.  You want to give and show that “real” you, so that they aren’t surprised when you show up for the initial meeting,

Keep in mind that you will still be approached by men who didn’t bother to read your profile, who are looking for a casual relationships, i.e. sex, when your profile clearly states that you are looking for something serious.

Online dating as a single mom is tremendous fun, but it’s essential to match your values with your profile – don’t lie about it. By chance, you have someone who actually reads your profile; you want to make sure that you are upfront and clear so that your time and theirs will not be wasted.

4. Get a Google Number

Some of my friends think I ‘m crazy with this one, but I don’t want to give my “real” number to men that I meet online.

I always suggest to women that they should get a google number when they are doing online dating – it’s free.  By using the google number, you don’t have to give your real number out, your phone will ring when they call and you can decide who you speak to or who you send to voicemail.

If for whatever reason, you decide not to continue to talk to someone from a dating site anymore, you don’t have to worry about them having your real number, you can easily block them from your google number.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Make the First Move

If you come across the profile of someone that you are interested in, don’t be afraid to say hello, first.  As I always say, closed mouths don’t get feed, so if you like what you see, send him a message with a compliment and get the ball rolling.

6. Be Careful

Everyone on dating sites are not looking for love. There are many men on these sites who are looking for victims.

Don’t become one. Don’t give out your address and full name to anyone.  Just as I said before about giving out a google number, be just as careful when arranging a date.

Don’t allow anyone to pick you up from your home or job.  Always agree to meet them at the agreed upon location and let someone know where you are going and how to reach you.  I would even suggest having someone call or text you during the date to do a “temperature check.”

A “temperature check” is basically a call or text sent by a friend or family member to check on you during a date.  If you need to escape, this can be your out, if you are just not comfortable telling your date that you aren’t interested.  It can also be a way to let the caller know that everything is okay.

I hope this list was helpful and please know that it is not all inclusive.  There are so many more things that I could add, but for the sake of time and keeping your attention, I wanted to point out the most important ones.  Don’t forget of them when starting to look for love online and above all else, have fun!

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