Scholarships for Women Pursuing a Phd

The Best PhD Scholarships For Ambitious Women

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Are you aspiring to pursue a postgraduate degree but lack the funding to do soThen we’ve got great news, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we look at 10 of the most exciting Ph.D. scholarships available to women.

Firstly, we’re here to help you turn your dreams into reality. Secondly, don’t let your financial situation hold you back. Finally, you are a strong woman who deserves to pursue her career. 

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 highest-paying Ph.D. scholarships available for women. Most of them are U.S based on scholarships, but some cover many countries. 

10 Excellent Ph.D. Scholarships for Women

1. American Association of University Women (AAUW)

The AAUW provides opportunities for national and international women (however, preference goes to women who have participated in community service). The lucky receivers of this grant will get $20 000. 

They offer the following grants:

  • American fellowships (are grants available ONLY for U.S citizens)
  • International Fellowships (women from around the world who wish to pursue their postgraduate studies in the U.S)
  • Selected Professions Fellowships (the name gives it away- this grant aims to encourage women in the U.S to pursue their studies in either law, business, or medicine) 

To find out more, head over to their website.

2. FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship

Do numbers make you tick? Do you live and breathe finance?

Then this opportunity was designed for you!

FiNCAD is a top employer in the world of finance (and for a good reason too). They offer a $20 000 scholarship every year to help talented women, like you, who are interested in pursuing a career in one of the following:

  • Financial asset management
  • Market Risk Management
  • Derivatives Finance within the capital market

Application opening date: 4th May 2021

Application deadline: 30th June 2021

Click here to find out more on their website.

3. The Schlumberger Foundation- Faculty of the Future Fellowship

Are you looking to be the next Einstein? 

If yes, then this sponsorship was formulated just for you! In 17 years, 789 women from 82 different countries received grants.

Sponsorships offered by this non-profit foundation is for women who are studying in the fields of:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering

This grant is so flexible. They allow you to study at any university in the world and grant you up to $50 000! The catch? You need to be scientifically talented and possess leadership skills. 

See whether you meet their criteria to apply here.

4. Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship

If you’ve always been intrigued by life beyond earth (yes, I’m talking about space), then you should seriously consider this opportunity! 

Every year, 35 lucky women receive $10 000 to pursue their Ph.D. studies in aerospace engineering and space sciences. 

Over 1 000 women from around the world have completed their studies and are now living their dream. This could be you

Find out how to apply on this website.

5. PEO International

PEO offers different types of grants and allows you to study in any field you want!

  • Educational Loan Fund (ELF) awards a maximum of $20 000 (depending on the study program) with a mere 2% interest rate. 
  • International Peace Scholarship (IPS) is for women who live outside the U.S but would like the opportunity to study their postgraduate in either the U.S or Canada. Maximum award $12 500. 
  • The Program for Continuing Education (PCE) applies to women whose studies were interrupted or discontinued. They receive $3 000 once off. 
  • Scholar Awards are once-off merit-based awards (they base their choice on your academic performance) for women pursuing their Ph.D. in an accredited U.S or Canadian university. The award is $20 000. 

For more information, click here.

6. The Research Women Fellowship by Microsoft

In collaboration with Microsoft, selected universities in the U.S offer an opportunity for women to continue their studies in a field of their choice. 

Yes, you can study for your Ph.D. in anything you want to! Just be sure that it’s at a university offering the Microsoft scholarship. The award is $20 000. ($2 000 of this is for spending money for traveling abroad to attend conferences in your area of study)

Stay up-to-date by visiting: their website.

7. Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund (MMF)

Are you ready for the most significant, most flexible award yet?

The MMF provides grants of up to $40 000 for women from under-developed or low-income areas. It covers any field of study at an accredited university. The commission also allows you to cover any other related education expenses(boarding fees, textbook costs, etc.).

Check out their website on how to apply here.

8. The International Scholarship for Women (ISW)

Do you enjoy empowering other women? Is charity close to your heart?

Then this may be the perfect sponsorship for you! 

The ISW is available in most U.S universities but gives preference to women who inspire and help other women. It allows you the opportunity to study in any field that your heart desires! The award is a total of $26 000. 

Contact your university to find out more about what the ISW offers. 

9. L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women

Are you a lab rat? Always busy mixing up a new concoction?

Then you’d be thrilled to know that this grant is purely for scientists. Every year 5 female scientists are chosen and awarded 100 000 Euros to pursue their Ph.D. 

To apply for this grant, you would need to have worked in your country for at least 5 years in one of the following fields:

  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics

Visit this link to find out more:

10. Women Techmakers Scholars Program (Google Anita Borg Scholarship)

Are you a strong female ready to take on a male-dominated profession? 

This scholarship is all about bringing equality to the tech industry. A maximum of $10 000 goes to women interested in pursuing their studies in computer science or computer engineering. Application deadline: December.

For more info, visit

In conclusion, there are some excellent Ph.D. scholarships out there; all it takes is research and perseverance for women to reach their goals and fund their dreams. If you’d like to see more scholarships, especially for women, you can also look at this article.

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