Planned Parenthood Facts: How It Teaches Students

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Family planning is a complex of medical and social measures aimed at the reduction of morbidity. And also mortality, preserving the health of the population. It is for the purpose of giving birth to healthy and desirable children. There are many problems when it comes to planned parenthood. And we will have a discussion about these facts in this article.

Modern problems of family planning:

  1. Firstly, the reduction of fertility to the level of small children. There are more often 1-2 children in a family, which does not ensure the simple reproduction of the population.
  2. Secondly, the dangerous interruption of pregnancies leads to infertility, and failure to carry a pregnancy. And also inflammatory processes, an increase in the incidence of cancer. After the abortion, complications of pregnancy and childbirth are three times more frequent. Moreover, abortion in women between 20-24 years old increases the frequency of breast cancer by two times.
  3. Thirdly, the failure to observe the proper interval of 2.0-2.5 g. Between births (babies born one year apart die twice as typically as babies born two or more years apart).
  4. And lastly, early-onset of sexual activity. There is a direct correlation between early sexual activity and the age of 19. Especially with multiple partners, and the incidence of cervical cancer.

Related News to Planned Parenthood

Related News to Planned Parenthood

There is a lot of controversy and doubt surrounding Planned Parenthood. Planned parenthood essays can tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the organization. Furthermore, the Planned Parenthood essays give a complete picture of the attitude toward students’ education in the school. Planned parenthood educational programs will solve the problem of fertility. This is the root cause of the demographic crisis. The right to family planning has been strongly identified with topics:

  • First, reproductive rights. These are the free decision to have or not to have a child. So, the right to motherhood is spoken of only rarely. But the right to abortion is written about in free essays all the time and everywhere.
  • Reproductive choice
  • Lastly, reproductive health.

What is a Planned Parenthood Organization?

Planned Parenthood is an American organization dedicated to women’s health. So, for decades, it has been the subject of fierce debate in the United States abortion.

  • Planned Parenthood Principles:
  • Preventing unwanted pregnancies in women under age 19 and after age 35-40;
  • Maintaining birth spacing of 2.0-2.5 years;
  • Preventing Abortions in Women at Risk;
  • Hygiene of sex education for adolescents;
  • Pre-marital counselling;
  • Widespread adoption of modern contraceptive methods to improve pregnancy planning.

How Planned Parenthood teaches students about sex education

Rational family planning is one of the most essential factors in reducing maternal and infant mortality. This is also true for women’s reproductive health. According to a WHO research paper, family planning includes the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. The timing of births, and having only wanted children. Every child is entitled to be born desirable and healthy.

Examples of the planning service:

  • Training of physician and nursing staff in family planning.
  • Directed hygienic education in family planning.
  • Promoting public health, treating illnesses, and solving issues and problems.

Tasks of the family planning service

Family Planning Program

The acute problems of family planning remain out of the public eye, as do the issues of sex education. So, addressing these difficulties from a medical standpoint alone cannot produce the desired results.

The tasks of the planning service:

  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancies, treatment of infertility, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Prevention of early and late births.
  • Ensuring optimal birth spacing.

Planned Parenthood’s family planning program also includes sex education for youth. We are talking about the “Sex Education for Adolescents” and “International Project on Sex Education for Schoolchildren” of the United Nations Population Fund. These programs have nothing to do with education and have provoked a harshly negative public reaction.

Why many parents are against the presence of Family Planning in schools

Reproductive rights are consistent with reproductive responsibilities.

Contraception and sterilization to protect the environment from overpopulation to achieve a better standard of living.

So, the UN and the International Planned Parenthood Federation are going to put pressure on all governments to adopt a new philosophy in education. Teachers have a decisive role to play in changing the traditional values of family and marriage. The UN also encourages them to move beyond the adoption of a declaration to action. The reason why parents are against the presence of Planned Parenthood in schools is quite simple.

However, planned parenthood should not be allowed to advertise. And distribute contraception to teenagers who have no family. Because it encourages sexual promiscuity and deprives children of the opportunity to have a complete family in the future.

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