Urinary Tract Infections and How to Prevent UTI after Sex

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UTIs are a common condition that affects one in five women. You may be familiar with the burning sensation caused by them. UTIs are estimated to affect at least half of the population in their lifetime. This means that many people will be affected by them. UTI is a well-known and common preventative to avoid this frustrating problem. How, and more importantly, what else can we do in order to prevent UTI after sex? This refresher will help you understand why your loins should not be infected.

Symptoms of UTI

You won’t forget what it felt like if you have had a UTI before. If you suspect it is, but have never experienced one before, be aware of the following:

Symptoms of UTI chills or fever
  • Strong, persistent urge to pee – even though it is not often felt
  • Burning sensation during peeing
  • Cloudy urine
  • Urine that is reddish, bright pink or cola-colored
  • Urine that has a strange odor
  • Chills or fever
  • Pressure and pain in your lower abdomen or back
  • Feeling tired or shaky

Ways To Prevent UTI After Sex

Get Water

Water helps flush out any bad or harmful substances, so the more water you drink, the better your chances of success.

Before You Have Sex, Wash Your Hands

Before You Have Sex, Wash Your Hands

It’s best to wash your hands before you engage in sexual activity or masturbating with a partner. She says, “We touch so many things throughout the day, and there can be a lot of germs on our hands… If you don’t clean them, those germs can enter the body and urinary tract.” Wash your fingers under your fingernails too! It is important to wash sex toys before and after each use.

It’s also good to keep a stash of cleansing wipes for sensitive areas in your bedroom, so you don’t forget to clean your toys.

Shower Sex Is A Great Way To Get Some Sex

Getting involved in shower sex can reduce the chance of you contracting a UTI because the water actively reduces the bacteria. Frye-Nekrasova recommends that you bring lube if you decide to shower sex. Shower water is not the best lubricant, and can cause friction, which can increase the risk of UTIs. Water-based lube can be activated with water and can be used in the shower to make a big difference.

Consume Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice prevent UTI after sex

This home remedy is a classic one. It has special ingredients that alter the surface of E.coli to prevent it from binding to the bladder wall. According to research, cranberry juice can prevent bacteria from causing an infection by eight hours. Frye-Nekrasova says that cranberry juice can be used to treat rather than prevent a UTI.

Pee After Sex can prevent UTI

Sometimes some bomb sex can just put you right to sleep. But peeing after sexual activity is so crucial to minimizing the chance of getting a UTI.” It is important to remember that you should not only be peeing after partners sex but also after self-pleasuring alone. Remember, you must pee if you need to. You don’t want to give bacteria the opportunity to grow.

More Tips to Treat or Prevent UTI After Sex

  • Increase Your Vitamin C intake – Vitamin C is an immune booster that kills bacteria in the urine and keeps your pH level low. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent UTIs.
  • Get Your Heating Pad – Heating pads don’t only help with cramps. Heating pads are not a preventative measure, but they can help ease bladder pain and discomfort. It is important to get your UTI treated as soon as possible. The sooner you treat it, the better.
  • Have a Healthy Sexual Hygiene – You can reduce the amount of microbes in your body by following these steps: Urinate before and after having sex. You can use a condom to have intercourse. Also, everyone should wash their genitals after and before sex.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and citrus drinks – These drinks can irritate the bladder and increase your desire to pee.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed – This can cause uncomfortable sleep. Before you go to bed, empty your bladder.
  • Use incontinence pads – This gives you reassurance that you’re not going to pee on your bed.

What are the dangers of not treating a UTI?

Untreated UTIs can spread to the bladder and kidneys. This will require additional medical care, possibly surgery. The bacteria in the urinary tract can spread further into the body, affecting the functioning of other organs.

How can UTIs be cured?

UTIs can be treated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. It is important to avoid UTIs and follow the advice above to help you avoid getting in to see a doctor. Unfortunately, you can’t always prevent UTIs from occurring after sex. Call your doctor if you have any of these symptoms. Even if you feel better, make sure you continue to take the prescribed medication. 

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