Princess Names for Your Baby Girls

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You might associate the word “princess” with ball gowns, singing, and magic. You’d be correct when you think of cartoon princesses. But real-life princesses can also be cool and it may play a role raising the confidence of your baby girl. This list of baby names inspired by princess names, both real and fictional, may be the right choice for you if you have a little one.

List of Princess Names Inspired from Real Life

Anastasia Princess

Although many people know Anastasia as the animated princess from 1997, she was actually a princess of the Russian royal family in early 20th-century Russia. The name is from the Greek word “resurrect” and it is certain that your new bundle of joy will bring you new life.


The fifth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth is Princess Beatrice. She was the first royal to run the London Marathon in 2010. Talk about a cool princess. Beatrice is a French name that means “she who brings joy” and your baby girl will be the same.


The Duchess Of Cambridge has refined and classy style perfectly matches the meaning of her title: pure. You can have some fun spelling this one: There are many options, including Katharine, Cathryn, and Katherine.


The late Princess Diana is a name we all remember, regardless of whether it was her elegant style or down-to-earth “for the people”. This Latin-based name, which means “heavenly” or “divine,” will give your children great beauty and class.


Cecilia of Sweden was a Swedish princess who was born 1807 but is gaining popularity today. Your little princess will love how different she looks with such a cute name and nickname–Cece.


Joan, a Hebrew name that means “Gift From God,” was the name of the medieval princess Princess of Wales. She was considered to be the most beautiful woman of all time in England. The name is also a hit with rock ‘n’ roll fans. It was given to Joan Jett, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts.


Although there is no evidence that the 19th-century princess actually existed, Gisela from France was most likely the most beautiful name in the world. It has to be brought back! We pledge to love Gisela’s baby name with this German name, which means “pledge”.


Princess Tatiana of Greece, Denmark and Denmark looks elegant in any tiara or gown, especially when she marries her prince on an Greek island. This feminine name is Latin and can be abbreviated to cute names such as Tati or Ana.


Although Princess Mia, the Princess of Genovia is made-believe in the Princess Diaries, it doesn’t alter the fact that Genovia. The Princess Diaries Genovia, was able to navigate the monarchy once she learned that she was the heir to the throne. This name will inspire your little girl to be brave and bold.


The Spanish word for “little girl” is nina. In fact, there was a Russian Princess Nina in the early 1900s. Perhaps your little one will have the same talent as Princess Nina, who was an artist.

List of Princess Names from Disney


Parents are familiar with Disney’s Frozen. Although Elsa technically is a queen, she was actually a princess at one point. This sweet, but simple moniker (originally Elizabeth’s nickname) means “noble” in German. It may be inspiring admirable character and a cute princess name for your baby.


This Hebrew name means “lion of God” and was originally meant for boys. It was made popular for girls after Disney’s introduction of Princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid. This name is sure to inspire independence, determination and headstrongness in little ones just like their mermaid-namesake.

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Other Princess Names Moms Can


The ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom was a scholar. She was fluent in a dozen languages and had a background in mathematics, philosophy, oratory, and astronomy. Your youngster might be inspired to strive for similar accomplishments by learning about the legend behind her birth name.


Old-fashioned, classic names are back in fashion. This Italian moniker, which means “light”, was given to Brazil’s Princess Eleanora de Ligne.


Princess Charlotte is one of the most adorable little princesses. Charlotte, a French name meaning “free”, is one of the most in-demand girl names.

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