Proceed Finance And Helpful Facts

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It’s hard for a single mom to pay full cash right away for procedures such as dental implants. But don’t worry, there is help that you can receive. EON Clinics has partnered up with Proceed Finance to provide a great option for patients.

What Is Proceed Finance?

Patients can access proceeds finance to get loans to help pay for their dental treatments with low monthly payments. This program makes dental care more affordable and easier for patients. They offer competitive rates and quick approvals.

How Does Proceed Finance Work?

Patients who want to finance their dental treatment can apply through Proceed Finance. The online application allows patients to be prequalified in just minutes. This does not affect the patient’s credit score and will not limit their ability to obtain future financing.

They will show the loan rates and monthly payment to the patient so that they can decide the best option for them. These offers are available from $2,500* up to $75,000*. After patients have chosen their monthly payment option and loan, they will need to sign digital paperwork. After sending the money, the office will pay for treatment.

What Are The Benefits?

You can use Proceed Finance to support your dental treatment. There are many advantages.

  • Convenient online application
  • Quick and simple approvals
  • Competitive rates
  • Credit score will not be affected
  • Flexible payment options

Here are 10 Helpful Facts About Proceed Finance And Their Product:

Here are 10 Helpful Facts About Proceed Finance And Their Product:
  1. Proceed Finance is a loan program that Security 1st Bank funds. It offers no-collateral fixed-rate loans to uninsured patients and those who are undergoing elective procedures such as dental implants.
  2. It offers loans ranging from $2,500 to $60,000 and prides itself in offering greater full-amount approvals.
  3. The terms can be as short as 24 months or as long and complex at 96 months.
  4. This type of finance does not have prepayment penalties
  5. Depending on your credit score, interest rates can start at 3.99% and go up to 17.99%. However, this finance offers only fixed interest rates. Your payment will not fluctuate throughout the term of your loan.
  6. Fair interest rates and longer terms equal monthly payments that are affordable for everyone.
  7. Proceed Finance approves loans up to 640 credit score
  8. You don’t need to pay down payment
  9. Online applications are quick and easy. Most cases will be decided within minutes.
  10. After you sign the paperwork and accept the loan, the money is sent directly to EON Clinics so that you can start treatment immediately.
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