Signs of Psychopaths in Relationships and What To Expect

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There are many types of psychopaths in different relationships around you. You might find them as your coworker or friend who manages to get away with it all. Or maybe they are just the normal guy who brought you coffee this morning. Although they look just like us, psychopaths don’t have consciences. They can do terrible things to others without any sense of guilt or remorse. 

A psychopath is invisible to others. Psychopaths are charming, friendly, and likable. For those who become too close to a psychopath, it is a nightmare waiting to happen. The fairytale that began as a fairytale slowly becomes a nightmare of mind games, chaos and confusion.

Signs of Psychopaths in Relationships

Signs of Psychopaths in Relationships
You seem to be trapped in the relationships with psychopaths.

Psychopaths in Relationships Use Romanticization, Love-Bombing, And Flattery

How the relationship begins is one way to determine if your partner has a psychopath. Things move very quickly when you meet a psychopath for the first time. They will tell you how much you have in common with them–how perfect they are for you. Psychopaths are like a chameleon and mirror your dreams and hopes to create an instant bond of trust. They are always open to communication and seem fascinated by you at every level. When in relationship, these psychopaths might put up songs, compliments and poems on your Facebook page.

Exploit Your Emotions By Playing Pity Games And Telling You Stories Of Sympathy

A lot of sob stories could indicate that you are dating a psychopath. You’ll soon find a place in your heart for them. Sometimes they seem innocent and cute at first. Forget the TV image of an arrogant narcissist driving a flashy car. They will likely mention their abusive ex, who is still in love with them. They claim that they have always wanted peace and quiet. Psychopaths don’t like drama in relationships, but you’ll soon notice that there is more drama around them than any other person you have ever met.

Psychopaths in Relationships Involves You In Their Own Versions Of “Love Triangles”

Once you are hooked, the triangulation begins. They surround themselves with potential mates and former lovers. You can also be surrounded by people the psychopath has previously denigrated and declared superior to. This can make you feel confused and give the impression that the psychopath is always in high demand. If you are dating a psychopath, power games and confusion will be the norm.

Psychopaths Constantly Rewrites Reality in Relationships

A lot of manipulation is part of dating a psychopath. They will blatantly deny their manipulative behavior and ignore evidence when faced with it. If you try to prove their lies with facts, they become critical and dismissive. Instead of them correcting their behavior, it is always your fault that they are “sensitive” or “crazy”. You are conditioned to believe that abuse is not the problem, but your reactions to it.

Accuses You Of Feeling Emotions That They Are Intentionally Provoking

Accuses You Of Feeling Emotions That They Are Intentionally Provoking

After blatantly flirting online with an ex, they call you jealous. After deliberately ignoring you for many days, they call you needy. They manipulate your reactions to gain sympathy for other targets and show how “hysterical” you have become. You may have once thought you were a very easy-going person. However, dating a psychopath can temporarily change that perception.

Pathological Lying And Making Excuses

A constant lie is another sign that your partner may be a psychopath. Every situation can be excused, even those that aren’t. They can make up lies faster than you can ask them. Psychopaths blame everyone else when their relationships are not as expected, but it is not their fault. They spend more time blaming others than they do improving their behavior.

These psychopaths don’t show any remorse, shame or embarrassment even when they are caught telling lies. It almost seems that they want you to catch them.

Provoke Jealousy And Rivalries While Maintaining Their Cover Of Innocence

You were once their psychopath partner. This makes it even more confusing when they start to focus on other people. You will be made to doubt your worth by their actions. They will bait ex-partners via social media with photos, songs and inside jokes, especially if they are active on the site. They will focus on the activity of their “competition” and ignore yours.

Psychopaths Undermines Your Self-Esteem in Relationships

Psychopaths Undermines Your Self-Esteem in Relationships

After showering you with admiration and constant attention, your psychopathic partner suddenly seems completely bored. They become annoyed at you for wanting to continue the passionate relationship they have created. They start to treat you as a chore.

Selfishness and Thirsts for Attention

Psychopaths can drain your energy and take over your whole life. They are insatiable in their desire for love. Although you thought you could make them happy and you believe you are the only one capable, you now feel like anyone can. The truth is that no one can fill the psychopath’s void.

Doesn’t Recognize Your Feelings

When your natural love and compassion has turned into overwhelming panic, anxiety and panic, you know you are dating a psychopath.

  • You cry and apologize more than ever before in your entire life.
  • In relationships with psychopaths, you are so tired that you can’t sleep and wake up feeling unfocused and anxious every morning.
  • You don’t know what happened to your relaxed, fun and easy going self.

You will feel empty, depressed, overwhelmed, drained, shocked and utterly lost after dating a psychopath, or even just briefly.

Your entire life is destroyed. You spend money, end friendships, and search for some reason.

Advice: What To Do If You Realize You’re in Relationships with Psychopaths

These relationships can cause long-lasting harm, and leave you with doubts and feelings that will never let you down. Psychopaths can make your life miserable in relationships. They will ignore your best qualities, and make you feel insecure until you lose your identity.

There is always hope for healing. After leaving an abusive relationship the first step is to use the no contact rule. This means that you will not be able to send any texts, emails or make any social media contacts with your psychopath ex. Although it may seem impossible at first, it will become easier over time. Slowly, your sanity will return and chaos will disappear. This experience will eventually lead to a remarkable opportunity to learn self-respect, and establish healthy boundaries which will be a great asset for your entire life.

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