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Tips of How to Put Yourself First

Last Updated on November 24, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Do you ever feel your back hurt when you bend over for others in your life? Although your back might not hurt physically, the emotional pain from constantly putting others’ needs first can cause significant damage to your well-being. Instead, you should put yourself first.

You will be more present in your life if you place yourself first. This will allow you to give back to others when you need it. Prioritizing your needs will help you avoid causing frustration in others which can lead to a breakdown of your relationships.

Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

It might seem selfish to put yourself first. If you don’t feel happy, how can you make others happy? This is a fact that research supports. It has shown that happiness can be achieved when you prioritize your needs and are kind to yourself. Just because you are involved in meaningful activities does not necessarily mean that you are taking care of yourself or making your needs known.

People Pleasing Doesn’t Give You Success, So Put Yourself First

Everyone wants to be liked. It is a good feeling to be appreciated and enjoyed by others. However, if you make the desire to please others your main focus in your life, it can lead to depression and less satisfaction in your interpersonal relationships.

If you are focused on pleasing others, you will please no one but yourself. You are just as worthy of happiness as the other people.

How to Put Yourself First

How to Put Yourself First

Remember that you won’t be able to make everyone happy

Reread that statement. Don’t ignore it, take it in as truth. It is possible to try to please everyone, but it is difficult to please everyone because everyone has different needs.

What happens is that I make a decision about where we go and then there are always a few people who complain about it. They always have the option to leave if it is too much. It doesn’t matter if it’s deciding where to eat or making major life decisions. But you’ll find that stress will be less if it isn’t your goal in life to ensure that everyone else is happy.

Do not repeat yourself

Sometimes, putting yourself first can be like saying no. It’s okay to say no and prioritize your needs. To protect your mental health and positive energies, you’re saying no to ensure you can give your best.

Establish Healthy Boundaries In Your Relationships

We tend to care more about pleasing our closest friends and family than pleasing others in our daily lives. While it is important to ensure that your loved ones are well taken care of in your relationships, you can’t always forget your own needs and let others take advantage. You must set boundaries to ensure that your relationships last and are mutually beneficial.

Take A Moment To Notice How You Feel

Take A Moment To Notice How You Feel
Self-love isn’t selfish.

Sometimes, you just can’t prioritize your needs because you are so busy trying to please everyone else that it’s hard to feel what you’re feeling.

In some cases, rushing to keep yourself busy can distract you from your true feelings and deeper issues. You can take time to understand yourself so that you can start to take care of yourself.

Burnout and frustration can be caused by continuing to hustle and grind for others. You can do the deep work of identifying your emotions and determine what actions you should take to satisfy your needs.

Ask For Help If You Can’t Put Yourself First

Sometimes, I treat help like a four-letter word. It’s time for you to seek help if you are unable to meet your needs. It turns out that it isn’t a terrible four-letter word.

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