Guide To Remarriage After Divorce

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Remarriage after divorce can be a new beginning for some people. Navigating a new marriage can be difficult and full of unexpected situations. Be prepared to learn about other marriages before you say “I do” again.

You may be able to move forward immediately following your divorce. Most states allow you to start a new relationship the day after your divorce is finalized. But, Washington, D.C., and eight other states have a mandatory waiting period that prevents you from entering into a second marital relationship immediately after the first one ends.

States With A Mandatory Waiting Period Between Divorce & Remarriage

  • Alabama (60-day wait period
  • Kansas (30-day wait period)
  • Massachusetts (90-day wait period
  • Nebraska (6-month wait period)
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma (six-month waiting period
  • Rhode Island (three-month waiting period
  • Texas (30-day waiting time)
  • Washington, D.C. (30-day waiting period
  • Wisconsin (6-month waiting time)

These mandatory waiting periods are aligned with the state’s appeal period for couples seeking to end their marriage. Your marriage is legally binding even though these states won’t issue final divorce decrees before the waiting period has ended. You cannot remarry as most states have laws against bigamy.

Reasons To Wait To Remarriage After Divorce

While marriage has many benefits, it is possible to delay remarrying. These are some of the options that you should consider before you decide to remarry.

Loss Of Alimony

In certain situations, future payments of Spousal Support may be affected by a new marriage. To find out how any plans for remarriage might affect these payments, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney before you start.

Child-related Concerns

Find out how a second marriage can impact child care and other legal aspects of co-parenting if you have children with your former spouse. Remarriage does not always impact a co-parent relationship and child support payments. However, it is possible to do so at times.

Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreement

You may consider a prenuptial arrangement if there is a significant income gap between you and your partner. While you don’t want your marriage to end in divorce, it is better to plan for the worst than never.

Marrying For The Second Time

Many people decide they are ready to begin dating again within one year of divorce. There is a huge difference between casually dating someone and getting married again after a divorce.

Studies have shown that 20% of couples who have been together for less than a year before deciding to marry are more likely to divorce. People who have been together for at least three consecutive years prior to marriage are more likely to experience marital bliss. This is because their chances of divorcing by half are lower.

You may not want to wait for three years before you remarry. That’s fine. There is something to be said about waiting at least one calendar year before you plan your wedding. Before you make the decision to tie the knot again, ensure that you and your partner have thoroughly reviewed your marriages.

Benefits of Remarriage After Divorce

People who have been divorced often remarry after falling in love and wanting to be with the person they love. Remarriage isn’t just about happiness. Remarried people are statistically less likely to develop chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and heart disease. They are also more likely to stay physically active which may help to avoid mobility limitations as they age.

Whether in your first or second marriage, any marriage can give you tax benefits and other legal rights that married couples cannot. For those who are used to the legal benefits of marriage, this can benefit remarriage.

Advice For Second Marriage Success

You may feel that the odds are against you after reading the statistics. Second marriages are possible to be successful, but that is not the truth. It is possible to have a second marriage that works. You need to do the right things.

Make sure your second marriage is successful by doing what it took to heal from your divorce. So that your marriage doesn’t suffer from past mistakes, learn from them. Learn how to handle conflict, communicate openly, and forgive when there are problems.

If the marriage does not work out, you can take steps to protect yourself. You can sign a prenuptial arrangement and clearly define a division. Also, keep your will and any other legal documents current. You can prevent your second spouse from becoming your ex-spouse by taking the time to protect yourself and learning lessons from your past.

Remarriage After Divorce FAQS

Remarriage After Divorce

What If My Church Or Religion Prohibits Remarriage?

Some religious faiths prohibit remarriage. Many religions recognize that divorce and remarriage are normal parts of modern life. While most religions allow remarriage, some Christian denominations and other religions require that all couples undergo premarital counseling before they can tie the knot. Staying connected to your religion and church during divorce

How do I plan a wedding for my second marriage?

There are no rules regarding what can and cannot be done in a second marriage ceremony. Most couples choose a more relaxed ceremony for their second marriage ceremony. Some skip traditional wedding elements altogether.

As you plan your second marriage, you might choose to do the following:

  • Let go of some traditions and formalities. You don’t have to follow any tradition that doesn’t feel right.
  • Wear what you like and what makes your heart feel good.
  • To make it easier to track who is coming, create an online rsvp.

Contrary to popular belief, you can still consider a wedding registry, even if this is your first time. However, you can skip the bridal shower and bachelor/bachelorette party if you’ve both gone through it before (unless you want to have a party to celebrate your return to married life).

What if I reconcile with my ex? 

Sometimes a second marriage doesn’t have to be with someone new. Sometimes it ends up with your ex. It happens between 10 and 15% of the time. In these cases, couples can reconcile and decide to tie the knot again. Even though 30% of reconciled couples split, second marriages with ex-spouses are not doomed to fail.

Divorce can be like climbing a mountain. It can be difficult to believe that you will never be in this situation again. Live the life after divorce that is most comfortable and authentic to you. 

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