Rent Assistance for Single Mothers

Paying rent every month can be a tough balancing act for single mothers.
In this article, you’ll find all types of resources, providers from federal agencies to nonprofit organizations that can provide rent assistance and others services for single mothers.

Salvation Army Housing Assistance For Single Mothers

True to its call, The Salvation Army supports with housing and homeless services for single mothers and other individuals. The Salvation Army can provide with either temporary or long-term housing needs.
The Salvation Army is also found all over the United States.

They also offer a range of services from emergency food, clothing, and shelter.
Additional services such as youth activities, church ministries, missing persons’ services and the likes can also be requested from The Salvation Army.

Click on the link in this article to find the nearest Salvation Army in your state.

Catholic Charities Helps Single Moms

Single mothers can also find resources in Catholic Charities USA, especially for those in need of emergency sheltering, assistance on rental places,
resources for preventing foreclosure, and even assistance on attaining long-term and affordable housing
in your state.

You can find 160 charities in the US and contact one in your state to get started in securing a place you can call your own, or visit the link above to get started.

YWCA Assistance For Single Mothers

The YWCA is another great resource for low-income women and single mothers, they provide a range of services such as racial justice, anti-domestic violence, job advancements, and many more! Visit their website for more information.

FEMA Housing Portal

In hard times, especially after a disaster, FEMA helps you find a new, affordable place to live. The FEMA housing portal allows you to look up from local selections of apartments, condos, town homes, and/or mobile homes to single family homes. Narrow your selections down by choosing the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, along with the maximum cost and lease term for your budget. Call FEMA now to ask about housing resources or visit the website for more information.

HOME Investment Partnerships Program

Another federal assistance program is the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, this program promotes affordable housing in the US.
This program provides grants to states, which uses funds to build and/or restore houses for low-income individuals.
Click on the link to contact a local administrator of the HOME program, or visit a local HUD field office close to you.

Housing Counseling Assistance Program

For single mothers who need foreclosure and mortgage advice, the Housing Counselling Assistance Program is the place to go to!
Find all the information you need about renting a home, buying your first home, owning a home, preventing homelessness, and many more!

To receive affordable and/or free housing advice, contact your local Housing Counseling Agency (HCA), or drop a call at (800) 569-4287, you may also visit the website above for more information.

HUD Public Housing Program For Single Parents

Another great resource low-income individuals and single parents can approach is the HUD’s Public Housing Program.
It serves millions of residents in the US especially those living in difficult situations.
Simply check your eligibility, which is based on income limits.

Review the requirements and fill out an application, visit their website, or you may also visit the nearest HUD field office in your state.

Rural Rental Assistance

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) also provides assistance to build apartments for low-income individuals.
Contact your state’s Rural Development field office or visit the website for more information.

Section 8 Rental Subsidy For Single Parents

Single mothers can apply for a Section 8 Rental Certificate to choose from a variety of affordable housing that allows you to live in an affordable rental unit funded by a PHA (public housing authority).

Simply contact your local PHA to apply for a certificate, visit their website, or get in touch with the HUD Office of Rental Assistance.

Social Serve assists single mothers

Finding affordable housing can be a struggle but Social Serve is here to save the day!
A nonprofit organization provides many services ranging from life skills counseling, disaster relocation services, job training, and many more.
Send them an email to or call them at 1-877-428-8844 or (704) 334-8722 to help
you in your search for your next home rental or home purchase.


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