Rent Assistance In Florida For Single Moms

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Renting can eat up a lot of your earnings. They have very little money left over to pay for other necessities like food, clothing, and medical care. Most single mothers are left with little to no money as they try to provide for their children and their families. You can help ease your financial burden by obtaining rent assistance offered by different organizations in Florida. 

A residential program gives women a chance to eventually be able to afford permanent housing. These services are available in Florida to anyone who is vulnerable. These services can be combined with other programs, such as financial assistance or case management. This article will help you learn about Florida’s various programs and how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Sunshine for All

Sunshine for All, a non-profit organization, was founded with the intent of serving vulnerable residents. It offers services for the coordination and delivery of social services to low-income earners and at-risk individuals. They provide services such as housing assistance, home delivery meals, social services referrals, case management and homemaker services.

ALPHA House of Pinellas County

ALPHA House of Pinellas County aims to prevent cyclic homelessness and child abuse. It offers safe residence and other services to pregnant women and their infants. This organization provides women with the education, parenting skills and spiritual foundation to help them care for their children. Through an outreach program, they are able to provide childcare supplies for many families each year. 

Baby items and safe housing are provided to pregnant women who are homeless. These services are available to all mothers, teens and families in crisis. They are the only county organization that offers a maternity housing program. You can apply regardless of your income or age.

Gulfcoast Legal Services (GLS)

Gulfcoast Legal Services (GLS) provides legal housing or rent assistance free of charge to seniors and low-income earners in Florida. These services are available for:

  1. If the landlord refuses to make the repairs necessary to a rental property in order to ensure safety and security.
  2. A fair housing law can be enforced during legal proceedings to benefit single mothers who have been denied housing or are subject to unfair treatment.


Adopt-A-Family is an organization that supports single-mother families and children in their quest for stability and independence. They provide services to thousands upon thousands of households each year. They offer support services as well as a variety of housing services to meet the needs of the diverse populations they serve. Housing units are available only for homeless families. Other programs are available for low-income households who want to be homeowners. 

Financial assistance programs are also offered by the agency, which can be used in conjunction with homeless prevention programs. The agency also offers after-school programming to homeless and low-income students. All support services include mental health counseling, case management and referrals to other agencies.

Florida Non-profit Housing

Florida Non-Profit Housing (FNPH) offers services that empower the community and assist low-income single mothers in finding affordable housing. They offer technical assistance, education and training services. They improve the performance of the organizations they serve.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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