Rent Assistance In Massachusetts

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Low-income families, particularly single mothers, can receive financial assistance through rental assistance programs. They help them rent apartments that are suitable for their needs and not in public housing developments. This article will provide details about rent assistance programs in Massachusetts that specifically for those in need.

Massachusetts State Program Supports Rent Assistance

Massachusetts State Program Supports Rent Assistance

There are many programs that provide emergency rental assistance in Massachusetts. These programs are available to single mothers, children, homeless, and pregnant women. You must be a Massachusetts resident with an eligible gross income. The applicant should be pregnant or have children under 21 years of age. 

The reason for them being homeless should be valid. It can be due to eviction or your home was greatly affected by a natural disaster. They also accept domestic violence survivors. Non-English speaking applicants can also receive interpreters to help them understand the documents or other details of the program.


Home-Start, a Massachusetts non-profit, supports single mothers and children, veterans, domestic violence victims, and people with disabilities who need housing assistance. They negotiate for the tenant and the property owners to reach an agreement that avoids eviction and the trauma of homelessness. Home-Start, with its flexible monetary resources, makes a payment to the property owners for the back rent. The tenant then repays the remaining rental payments over a specified period.

Resources for Communities and People (RCAP)

Resources for Communities and People Solutions (RCAP) Solutions, a non-profit community program, offers housing assistance and helps tenants pay their rent. To be eligible, the renters must be low-income. To be eligible for the assistance, their housing units must meet quality standards.

Resolution Massachusetts offers Rent and Financial Assistance

Resolution Massachusetts provides mediation assistance for any stage of the court proceedings, including before or after an eviction is filed. Mediation can be used to assist beneficiaries while they await a decision on their application for Residential Assistance for Families In Transition (RAFT), or any other financial assistance. 

RAFT can offer payments to low-income families to pay rent arrears or future rent. The community mediation centers offer remote services via videoconference, telephone or Skype. They also cater to tenants and landlords. The workforce offers proactive support throughout the process. Their staff can make recommendations to financial or legal agencies. This is often a quicker and cheaper option than seeking legal remedies.

The Friendly House Shelter

Friendly House Shelter and Scattered sites Program is a temporary shelter program that provides short-term housing and widespread housing search. It also offers services to assist families in becoming self-sufficient. They are available to singles, expectant parents, and families with children. 

These families are being assisted by the Department of Housing and Community Development. A referral from them is an advantage. Friendly House provides shelter, assistance, food, counseling, and after-school programs. For more information, resources and support, visit their website.

The Friendly House Shelter

Mass Housing

Mass Housing, a Massachusetts non-profit organization, provides housing assistance by financing and overseeing a wide range of mixed-income rental communities. Single moms can search for affordable apartments and contact the property manager to inquire about the development in which they are interested.

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