Rent Assistance In Michigan

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Single mothers can find it difficult to make ends meet financially, which can lead them to reduce their rent payments. Michigan has several programs that help single mothers to afford stable housing. This article will provide information about rent assistance that can be used to help single mothers navigate these programs in Michigan.

State Programs For Rent Assistance In Michigan

Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency

Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency

Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency Homeless Prevention (NEMCSA) is a state-run program providing assistance for people facing eviction. This program helps households retain their homes by paying past rent and future rent payments. It also provides assistance with utility bills. 

The program provides financial assistance to eligible households that are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The following factors will determine eligibility:

  1. Living in one of their service counties 
  2. Lives on the streets, in an automobile, or in shelter.
  3. An eviction notice is issued to a tenant who has applied for a rental property.
  4. If the applicant has tried to live with close family members or friends on a temporary basis,

Churches And Charities Help For Rent Assistance In Michigan

Dwelling Place

Dwelling Place provides affordable housing and supportive services for those who are struggling with housing stability. Single mothers and mothers with young children are eligible for assistance. The state of Michigan is able to provide affordable housing and support services that help residents achieve long-term stability. Residents are assisted by Resident Service Coordinators that work with them to find the best physical and behavioral health or register them for effective wellness programs.

Eviction Diversion Program

Michigan Legal Help runs an assistance program called the Eviction Diversion Programme (EDP). This federally funded program is designed to help residents keep their permanent housing, even if they owe multiple rental payments. They provide legal and financial assistance as well as unique court processes to assist tenants. 

The landlords are able to receive their rent early and claim any arrears. It is connected to local assistance centers, which are part of the program. Housing Assessment and Resource Agencies (HARA) are a network of non-profit service providers that provide homeless services. They assess and draw conclusions when appealing for monetary assistance.

Advent House Ministries

Advent House Ministries provides a wide range of programs and host services to assist the poor and homeless in Michigan and the State of Michigan. The ministry’s dedicated leadership will help to restore the standard of living for those it serves.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids offers the Housing Rehabilitation Program, which provides affordable loans for home repair. This federally-funded program is administered by the Michigan State Community Development. They provide assistance to homeowners who are eligible by:

  1. Identify the repair work required.
  2. Shortlisting contractors who can do the job efficiently at a lower price
  3. Assisting in the repair of damaged items.

Lansing Housing Commission (LHC)

The Public Housing Agency (PHA), also known as the Lansing Housing Commission, provides rental assistance and rental housing units for single-mom-headed households. This agency provides affordable housing, which allows one to begin a journey towards financial independence. LHC provides more than housing assistance. 

They also help people connect with resources and opportunities on the site. LHC promises affordable, safe, and quality housing options that are both healthy and affordable. To assist clients in obtaining assistance, they offer customer service.

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