Rent Assistance In Minnesota

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Due to the large rental payments required by housing agencies and landlords, housing can be difficult. People have had to move into shelters or cars and ended up living on the streets. This environment can be very dangerous for single mothers and their children. Minnesota has many rent assistance programs for single mothers in need. 

Housing Trust Fund (HTF)

With the support of local agencies, the State of Minnesota runs a Housing Trust Fund Rental Assistance program. This program helps single mothers to pay their monthly rent for privately-owned housing. HTF Rental Assistance is flexible. One can get benefits even if one isn’t eligible for any other programs. 

Don’t worry! HTF does not discriminate and will not judge you from your poor rental history, a criminal background, or any other information that could cause them to have difficulty finding rental housing. As a state program, HTF Rental Assistance will provide a financial cushion to help beneficiaries get on their feet and decrease housing expenditure across all income streams.

Minnesota KOOTASCA Community Action Provides Rent Assistance For Its Residents

Minnesota Kootasca Community Action Provides Rent Assistance For Its Residents

KOOTASCA Community Action is a non-profit that provides comprehensive crisis support and rental assistance for the residents of Minnesota. To determine eligibility, they screen the single mothers by phone or in person. The following information is the requirement to screen applicants:

  1. Verification of income for household members in the last month
  2. Verification of homelessness by a third party
  3. Eviction letter
  4. Verification of the challenge met
  5. Verification of funds that were paid towards the crisis

To receive an assessment in detail, schedule to meet with a housing provider. They will use the information to determine eligibility and priority for different housing programs.

Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, a community non-profit, is committed to creating long-lasting changes for residents by providing services, research, community building, and direct services. Wilder’s Direct Housing Assistance Program sends direct payments to beneficiaries’ landlords or mortgage companies on their behalf. 

All applicants can use the Direct Housing Assistance Program, which is open to all. Translation services are available for applicants who do not speak English to help with document processing. Successful applicants will be notified by mail about the status of their application after they have received approval of the supporting documents and the application.

Simpson Housing Services

Simpson Housing Services is a not-for-profit organization. Its sole purpose is to assist people of all backgrounds, regardless of their physical abilities, employment status or background. This assistance is available to single mothers who are homeless, domestic violence victims, and those with mental illness or chemical dependence. 

The assistance includes temporary shelter, breakfast, dinner, and a ready-made lunch that guests can take with them throughout the day. While they are still trying to find their feet, generous well-wishers provide basic supplies, such as cereal and breakfast, as well toiletries and clothing.

Simpson Housing Services

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority With Rent Assistance In Minnesota

The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) offers many housing programs. Their programs are designed to further their mission to provide affordable, quality housing for a diverse low-income population. 

MPHA manages and maintains many rental units including single-family homes and apartment buildings as well as townhomes and senior apartments. Families can use the funds to pay a portion of their rent through the program. This program reduces the family’s contribution to rent and utilities, and acts as an income cushion.

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