Rent Assistance In Missouri For Low-Incomes

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Renting out your home and failing to pay rent can result in homelessness and eviction. Missouri single mothers can apply for assistance from state and federal programs, as well as non-profit organizations to help them pay their rent. This article will show you how to apply for assistance in Missouri.

Missouri Raytown Emergency Rent Assistance Program

Raytown Emergency Assistance Program (non-profit community program) is available. This program helps people from all walks of life who are struggling to pay rent or utilities. These include financially struggling families, single mothers and young children as well as the elderly. 

Raytown Community program assists with rent, food, and utilities. Single mothers who are behind on rent can bring their eviction notices. These notices will show the rent owed and the minimum payment. This will prevent them from being evicted.

Missouri Raytown Emergency Rent Assistance Program

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

The Legal Services of Eastern Missouri provides assistance to individuals and families facing eviction, loss of assistance with housing, discrimination and other housing-related issues. The Legal Services of Eastern Missouri offers legal advice and representation. The legal team can cover a wide range of issues, including the possibility of an applicant being forced from their home because of:

  1. Termination of Lease
  2. The landlord isn’t making the necessary repairs
  3. The application was denied by the housing authority
  4. The Sub-Individual Housing Assistance Program is ending
  5. The housing authority did NOT adjust the rent for income or family size changes
  6. The voucher or lease did not include a family member.
  7. A housing provider discriminates against a applicant because they are of a race, disability, gender, size, religion, color, or national origin

Doorways Provides Rent Assistance In Missouri

Doorways Provides Rent Assistance In Missouri

Doorways, a non-profit organization, offers emergency housing. They offer supportive services that can improve the quality of life for HIV/AIDS-affected people, including single mothers in Missouri. Doorways housing coordinators are immediately notified of applicants who begin class. They then start an independent service effort to provide a place for them to live. Single mothers can receive assistance for up to 2 months. 

Shelter is provided in the form of both Doorways-leased apartments and motels. To ensure safe and healthy living conditions, the standard of living in the housing has been assessed. Additional support is provided to beneficiaries, including a bus pass that can be used for one month, food and toiletries, such as towels and sheets. The intake process includes an assessment to identify urgent needs and to evaluate obstacles to permanent housing. The coordinator and the applicant set monthly goals to ensure housing. They aim to secure an income source, which is often the biggest barrier single mothers face in their search for permanent housing.

Home Repair Opportunity

Missouri Housing Department Commission offers funding through a program called Home Repair Opportunity (HeRO). This fund provides funds to help with home repairs, modifications, and general maintenance for low-income families. Single mothers who meet the requirements can receive cash assistance to pay for the repairs.

Beyond Housing Rentals

Beyond Housing Rentals, a nationally recognized community development agency that provides assistance to Missourians, is Beyond Housing Rentals. They help them reach their goals at a specific time. 

They can help single mothers to achieve their goals by helping to bridge the gap between their income and housing costs, start their own business or become a homeowner. Beyond Housing Rentals provides a financial cushion that allows one to channel their money elsewhere than for housing expenses.

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