Rent Assistance In Nebraska

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Renting out has risen alarmingly due to a lack of housing. Single mothers with low incomes often find it difficult to provide a home for their children. There are many organizations that recognize the need for rent assistance programs in Nebraska. They have developed a variety of ways to help. This article provides more information about the programs available and how you can access them.

Rapid Rehousing Program

Rapid Rehousing Program

Together Omaha has a Rapid Rehousing Program which focuses on helping families and individuals who have had to live on the streets, in cars, or in emergency shelters. To provide stable housing for residents, the organization works with local community partners and the Metro Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless. They provide financial assistance, case management, and resource navigation support. 

Single mother households must be added to the community-wide register in order to register for the Rapid Rehousing Program. Qualified families will be provided with identification and assistance to obtain benefits. These benefits include assistance with obtaining benefits, daily living services, financial planning and connections to healthcare, legal services and transportation.

Stephen Center Provides Rent Assistance In Nebraska

The Stephen Center offers permanent supportive housing apartments. These apartments are available to rent to individuals and families who require support. These services include case management and life skills education. All applicants must have proof of their need and be low-income.

Lincoln Housing Charities

The Lincoln Housing Charities, a non-profit, aims to provide safe, affordable, clean and appropriate housing for eligible families currently experiencing financial strain. It does this by allowing applicants and tenants the freedom to make their own arrangements and ensuring that there is minimal interference. In collaboration with Lincoln Housing Authority, the organization offers a variety of family and individual services and support programs.

Southeast Nebraska Development District

Southeast Nebraska Development District

The South-East Nebraska Development District is a charity association that was established under the Nebraska Interlocal Cooperation Act. It was created to identify common problems and offer solutions. SENDD provides technical assistance and housing rehabilitation programs to help solve the problem of low housing costs. 

The Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation program (OOR) is one of their rehabilitation programs. SENDD assists communities to access the Community Development Block Grant Housing Restoration Programs (CDBG). These programs provide funding for income-qualified families to help them own and occupy their homes. This rehabilitation program was created to improve the quality of existing housing stock and to provide assistance to those with income eligible. 

This program helps families who need to increase access to quality housing. There are also programs that allow the purchase of property that is in need of rehabilitation in order to improve its standard and make it more affordable. They will purchase the unit and complete the necessary rehabilitation.

Family Housing Advisory Services Inc

The Family Housing Advisory Services Inc (FHAS), is a nonprofit that provides quality housing services to low-income individuals, including single mothers. These services include reviving communities and developing skills that will last a lifetime. The program helps individuals and families maintain stable, reliable rental housing. These services provide tenants with the tools and resources they need to prevent eviction and ensure housing permanence. They help applicants understand their rights and responsibilities as renters. 

FHAS’s goal is to improve the quality of life and decrease poverty by providing various methods to help the community achieve financial stability and housing stability. They work tirelessly to find solutions to poverty-related problems. They do this through advocacy, financial education, and housing education.

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