Rent Assistance In Nevada For Single Moms

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Low-income single mothers often have to struggle to provide basic necessities. Their children need to be in a safe and clean environment. This can lead to very high rental fees that can easily exceed half their monthly income. Families could be forced from their homes or become homeless due to high rent costs. Nevada has several organizations that have taken note of this issue and created programs to ensure safety for women and their children. We will explain the various services and assistance programs that help with rent in Nevada and how you can access them in this article.

Hope Link

The Hope Link provides rent and utility assistance to people in need. These assistance programs are only available to applicants who have experienced an unanticipated change in circumstances, such as a job loss, medical crisis, or any other emergency. A variety of state, federal, or local grants fund this rental assistance. This funding’s function is to supplement community crisis funding when

HopeLink’s case manager will determine if the applicant is eligible, based on the grant guidelines. The organization provides emergency shelter through the issuance of hotel and motel vouchers for different locations. This program is for both individuals and families who are not eligible to be in mass shelters and received a referral by another agency. After being in training in placement agency protocols, case managers can use this resource to find eligible clients.

Washoe Legal Services

Washoe Legal Services

Washoe Legal Services (WLS), a non-profit organization, offers legal help. They strive to ensure that justice is available to all, especially the most disadvantaged members of the community, such as the poor, disabled children, elderly, immigrant victims, and those who have been victims of crime. WLS relies on attorneys for assistance. Lawyers can use pro-bono services to help their communities and fulfill their honorable needs. WLS offers Continuing Legal education (CLE).

Friends in Service Helping

Friends in Service Helping (FISH), a non-profit organization in Nevada, aims to provide rent assistance to people in urgent or short-term need. Clients do not have to make an appointment in order to receive assistance. The availability of funds is a condition for assistance. 

FISH does not rely on government funding. FISH is partially funded by donations and grants from the community. They provide safe living conditions and nutritious meals. Additional programs are offered to support single mothers in achieving independence.

Shade Tree Organization

The Shade Tree Organization provides shelter for single mothers and their children when they face a crisis of homelessness. This organization provides services that encourage self-sustainability and stability. The center is available at all times of the day to single mothers as well as other community members. They address issues like abuse and help break the cycle of homelessness.

Neighborhood Partners Fund

Neighborhood Partners Fund

The Neighborhood Partners Fund is a program of the Las Vegas Nevada government that aims to improve the standard of living by providing community funding for home improvements in their neighborhoods. 

They are provided with cash, supplies donated, professional services, and volunteer labor. The program is open to single moms. They will need to fill out an application. This will be used to determine eligibility. All applicants will be required to give a brief presentation before the board.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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