Rent Assistance In New Hampshire

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Last Updated on November 13, 2023 by Lori Pace

Many families will be expected to make long-term, positive improvements to family stability. This article will discuss the various rent assistance programs and organizations that are available to single-mother families in New Hampshire to help them achieve independence.

Stable housing and economic security are essential to a child’s development. Psychologically, homelessness can have a devastating impact on a child’s life. It can also affect their ability to get a job. Families can be pushed apart by the stress of homelessness. Homeless adults need support to be able to fulfill their parental role, despite the circumstances they find themselves in. 

Isaiah 58

Isaiah 58

Isaiah 58 offers families and individuals the opportunity to make developmental changes at Isaiah 58 New Hampshire. They help those in need to obtain basic necessities such as shelter, clothing and reasonably priced housing. Volunteers and mentors run the numerous assistance programs to help beneficiaries find affordable housing. Single mothers can receive counseling and furniture in addition to general assistance. 

They fight for justice in cases involving hunger and homelessness. Their goal is to provide housing and nutrition for families within the state. Transitional programs support beneficiaries in their quest for sustainable housing. They are increasing or decreasing the number of affordable housing units they have. They can also provide assistance for families in the form of rental, utility, or transportation.

New Hampshire Campaign Legal Services For Rent Assistance

The New Hampshire Campaign for Legal Services is a fundraising combination for two New Hampshire civil legal aid organizations, the New Hampshire Legal Assistance and the Legal Advice and Referral Center.

New Hampshire Legal Aid (NHLA), paralegals and lawyers offer advice, counseling, and legal representation to low income earners and the elderly. They assist them in civil and non-criminal matters regarding housing, benefits, employment security, and family law. They are not limited to representing individuals, but also advocate for policies and practices that affect many low-income single mothers

The NHLA provides all-encompassing training and outreach to social service providers, low income single mothers in the community, as well as the private bar. They assist residents who are at risk of becoming homeless due to illegal evictions, or other legal issues that could prevent them from receiving federally subsidized housing. They work in conjunction with the Legal Advice and Referral Center, which helps clients avoid illegal evictions and gives them telephone instructions to help themselves. 

The NHLA is active in community outreach and challenges unfair housing practices. LARC and the NHLA work together to offer the Pro Bono Program (NH) and HomeHelpNH, which help to reduce homelessness. The NHLA helps homeowners settle cases to keep their properties or to plan for a smooth exit to obtain a new home.

Friends Emergency Housing Program

Friends Emergency Housing Program

Friends Emergency Housing Program provides emergency housing for families every day of each week, at all times of the day. Services include emergency housing, case management and outreach for families who are experiencing homelessness. They work together with other companies to create transitional housing units. 

After applicants are approved for the program they will be able to access education, support and training that will help them acquire long-term skills as well as access to financial resources to purchase and maintain long-term housing. When there is insufficient housing, beneficiaries can extend their stay. The services are designed to encourage a comprehensive, inclusive and highly effective case management program. The assistance package aims to end cyclic homelessness that many families experience. 

To help program beneficiaries feel secure, counseling and educational services are provided to provide long-term housing. To keep families together, you need a safe, consistent, and respectful environment.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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