Rent Assistance In New Mexico

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Single mothers work tirelessly to provide basic needs such as housing, food, clothing and education for their children. Single mothers often have to work hard to afford state and federal funding. Fortunately, there are many local agencies and organizations that can help ease the financial burden by providing rent assistance in New Mexico.

Economic Council Helping Others

Economic Council Helping Others

Economic Council Helping Others Inc. provides education and support to individuals and families in their efforts to improve their lives. ECHO provides assistance for rent in arrears, the first month’s rent or mortgage in arrears to qualified individuals. All emergency assistance programs depend on funds being available at the time of the request. Federal, state, and private donations provide the funding.

New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness Supports Rent Assistance

The New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness developed programs and strategies to help people who are homeless to find and maintain a safe place to call home. To help them realize their vision, they have created several programs. They can offer housing and other services for families and individuals in crisis through affiliations with other organizations. They offer advocacy, shelter facilities and coordinated grant-writing. Training is also available.

To ensure that everyone in need receives housing assistance quickly to the nearest facility, the organization also created a database.

New Mexico Legal Aid Inc. 

New Mexico Legal Aid Inc.

New Mexico Legal Aid Inc. (NMLA), challenges itself to provide a high-quality service that encourages families to overcome economic difficulties. They will work with individuals and families who have exhausted all resources to meet their basic needs and eventually provide safe housing, income, and food. They collaborate with other organizations to reduce poverty in the state. 

This legal advocacy group is dedicated to providing equal justice for low-income earners by providing training, education, outreach and exceptional representation. The NMLA represents people who seek justice in many settings, mainly in their own communities. They help the poor access shelter, food and security as well as preserve their culture. All groups are eligible for representation without discrimination. Single mothers with low incomes can get legal aid in civil matters.

St. Elizabeth Shelter Assistance and Supportive Housing In New Mexico

St. Elizabeth Shelter & Supportive Housing provides shelter, case management, food and counseling to homeless individuals and families. They can also link to other assistance agencies. This charity provides shelter for those who are in greatest need to end cyclic homelessness. Casa Familia, a shelter for single women and families with children, is dedicated to helping them. The Casa Familia has private rooms for families and single-person beds, as well as a large open kitchen, outdoor lounging areas, and indoor living spaces. Programs such as team building exercises, case management, and life skills training are available to residents. It can accommodate around 30 residents. 

They work together to create plans for their future and independence during the case management sessions. One of St Elisabeth’s facilities, the Sonrisa Supportive Family Living Program, provides eight apartments for homeless families with children. Rent payments are below market and dependent on income. Single mothers can save money to prepare for long-term housing.

Program managers work with children and their families to plan their education, behavioral problems, and healthcare. Single mothers can receive financial counseling, parenting classes and life skills training. There are also group discussions that are offered every week.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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