Rent Assistance In North Carolina

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Many organizations offer assistance services and programs that help with basic household expenses, such as rent payments in North Carolina. Many assistance programs are combined with other services, such as counseling, food assistance and case management. This holistic support is provided to ensure the family ends cyclic homelessness permanently. 

Crisis Assistance Ministry

Crisis Assistance Ministry

Families and individuals can become homeless if they don’t have the financial stability to cover unexpected expenses. This can have a negative long-term impact on children. It can also cause them to vent their frustrations through ways that could eventually lead to disruption in their lives. 

The Crisis Assistance Ministry offers support and advocacy for single mothers who are in financial distress. They aim to help them achieve their independence. Families receive benefits like furniture, clothing, bedding, utility assistance, furniture, appliances, and emergency rent. Rent and utility assistance are available to residents. Families and individuals can get clothing, household goods, and shoes free of charge from the Free Store.

North Carolina Housing For New Hope Provides Rent Assistance

North Carolina Housing For New Hope Provides Rent Assistance 2

Housing for New Hope is a rapid rehousing service that helps families and individuals to recover from homelessness and transition into permanent housing. Each family receives the resources that they need. These services include assistance with housing search, landlord advocacy, financial assistance for rent and utility bills, mediation, and financial assistance for landlords. Other supportive services include household furniture, food, and links for additional resources like employment assistance. 

Permanent Supportive Housing is a housing program that allows people to get affordable housing assistance. Housing for New Hope develops affordable housing communities that have lower rent payments. Housing for New Hope manages two affordable housing communities that are available to families and individuals with incomes below half of the median.

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy

Based on basic needs such as shelter, income, and health, the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy offers stability, safety and economic security for families and children. They ensure that applicants have access to basic necessities that stabilize current crises and promote economic independence. 

The Center offers legal assistance for home protection and foreclosure. They provide individual representation, legal advocacy, litigation, and community services. This assistance is available to seniors, low-income families, individuals with disabilities, and people who are self-sufficient.

Triangle Family Services

Triangle Family Services helps people in the community move from homelessness into permanent housing that is safe, secure, and affordable. They provide emergency housing assistance by providing financial counseling, case management and financial support for families and individuals experiencing homelessness. Families in immediate need of the emergency grant are instantly distributed. Single mothers will learn how to manage their finances through budgeting.

Community Development Block Grant

The City of Greenville assists in maintaining a healthy environment that is attractive, sustainable, and well-designed. There are many housing options for single mothers. The Housing Division offers programs that assist with home rehabilitation, down payment assistance, and infrastructure improvements. 

Further opportunities are provided by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). These funds can be used for activities or projects that have a positive effect on revitalization in the area. They do not require strict compliance with the CDBG requirements.

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