Rent Assistance In Oregon

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Single mothers with low incomes face difficulties accessing safe shelter. We have listed a few ways single mothers can get rent assistance in Oregon.

Access Helps Rent Assistance In Oregon

Access Helps Rent Assistance In Oregon

Access is a non profit organization that partners with private organizations to provide food and other emergency services for children, elderly and low-income earners. They work to ensure the well-being and health of residents in their community. Access manages a number of programs that assist families who need to move from temporary housing into permanent homes. Families are provided support and services in maintaining their permanent homes. 

The transition period includes assistance with lease payments, first month deposits, and any other financial expenses. The Housing Readiness Curriculum offers classes for those who are having difficulty finding housing. These classes discuss the importance of renting payments and other serious issues. Access provides licensed social workers to present the lectures.

Oregon Law Center

Oregon Law Center (OLC), offers legal assistance for families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet on matters relating to their homes, safety, and healthcare. This legal aid organization offers a variety of civil and instrumental legal services to help low-income families and individuals. To help beneficiaries decide on the best way to solve their problems, they highlight the rights of the beneficiary. They are particularly concerned with those that prevent them from getting out of poverty.

Oregon Neighborhood Legal Clinics Provide Rent Assistance

Neighborhood Legal Clinics (NLC), a program that provides free legal advice and referrals to residents of King County, Washington State. Their goal with this program is to make clinics accessible to all, regardless of income, language or disability. Consultations last half an hour and are offered at different locations by lawyers. 

They will assess the client’s legal situation, suggest possible options, and make recommendations. These lawyers won’t represent the applicant in court. While the NLC lawyers might not be experts in every aspect of the law, they will still make every effort to answer questions truthfully.

Polk Community Development Corporation

The Polk Community Development Corporation is a housing agency that offers a variety of programs, including home renovations and repairs, loans for businesses, and grants for single-use. Their primary goal is to ensure the safety and quality in their clients’ homes. Sometimes, they may also perform emergency repairs. All employees are registered and authorized under the Nationwide mortgage and licensing system and registry (NMLS).

Community and Shelter Assistance Corporation

In response to families’ housing needs, the Community and Shelter Assistance Corporation of Oregon (CASA of Oregon), was created. CASA is a creative and engaging development agency that works to improve rural housing through strategic planning and proper management. They create community centers, affordable housing and old-age homes as well as medical facilities. CASA of Oregon also offers services programs that aim to improve the financial stability of low income families. 

The Housing and Facilities Team works with sponsors and community-based non profit organizations to improve the availability and affordability of affordable rental homes in Oregon. They also assist in the maintenance and repair of community centers. They want to make sure that everyone has access to safe, stable shelters. This is what they consider an essential need to improve a family’s quality of life.

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