Rent Assistance In Pennsylvania

Rent Assistance In Pennsylvania

Last Updated on May 15, 2023 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Rent prices have risen due to economic turmoil. Low-income earners are particularly affected, especially single mothers who have a one-income household. They may find it difficult to maintain their lifestyle and their standard of living due to the financial strain. Arrears in rent payments can lead to a lack of basic needs and financial hardship. This article will walk you through some rent assistance programs in Pennsylvania that can help single moms and low-income families through hardship.

Utility Emergency Service Fund

Utility Emergency Service Fund (UESF), is a well-respected organization that provides financial stability for families with housing difficulties. It uses a holistic, ‘on-the ground’ crisis management approach to achieve this. They have conversations with families to determine the causes of their housing situation and educate them about the importance of addressing housing and financial issues as soon as possible. 

They work with the City’s Office of Supportive Housing to help families clear their arrears. Families have another chance to obtain permanent housing and thus achieve stability. UESF provides financial assistance, life skills training, counseling and support to help alleviate the common challenge of poverty and chronic homelessness.

Community Human Services provides Rent Assistance in Pennsylvania

The Community Human Services (CHS), which also helps destitute families, ensures that people in housing crises don’t lose homes and that the homeless get proper housing. They aim to help everyone, no matter if they call or are referred by others. They assess what each family needs in terms of assistance, and what their future goals and dreams are.

North Penn Legal Services

North Penn Legal Services (NPLS), provides pro bono legal assistance to low-income families. You must meet the selection criteria to be eligible for representation. They consider the case type, family income, and geographic location. 

They adhere to the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. The NPLS covers all expenses arising from legal matters. They represent families in foreclosure cases, unlawful expulsions, deposit claims, and disputes with landlords due unpaid rent.

Adams County Homeless Shelter

The South Central Community Action Programs (SCCAP), which includes the Adams County Homeless Shelter, provides temporary housing for homeless families. The shelter provides temporary housing for homeless families. Families are then tasked to find affordable homes that they can live in permanently. Each family or individual is provided with the necessary support upon arrival at their permanent home. This could be in the form of a job placement or a business idea. 

The Franklin County Homeless Shelter provides temporary shelter for families in poverty. Their aim is to eradicate poverty and vagrancy at all costs. The Rapid Rehousing program is used to find housing for families staying in shelters. They pay the rent money and deposit it to the families for the first month. To identify the families of their recipients, these shelters follow the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

Rent Assistance From Affordable Housing Center of Pennsylvania Agency

Some programs assist with financing home renovations, house repairs and other domestic improvements. The Affordable Housing Centre of Pennsylvania Agency provides counseling and assistance to homeowners who wish to renovate and maintain their homes without taking out bank loans.

Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation

Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC), assists community members in finding housing options. Each family is eligible for a variety of programs. These programs help buyers purchase decent homes at affordable prices.

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