Rent Assistance In Rhode Island

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Service providers who offer rental payment assistance through charitable programs aim to protect single mother families. Some programs require applicants to apply and applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements. Each service provider has its own set of standards. Here are some rent assistance program in Rhode Island for you to consider.

Lucy’s Hearth

Lucys Hearth

Lucy’s Hearth is now a refuge for women who are homeless and their families. There is an emergency shelter that provides temporary housing for families in crisis. Then, they are moved to temporary apartments before moving on to permanent housing. The follow-up programs are used to monitor the children and women in their homes. These underlying causes could include financial hardships, inability to afford housing, generational poverty and family disputes.

Legal Clinic in Rhode Island And Their Rent Assistance Program

The Legal Clinic offers pro bono legal aid to Rhode Island’s homeless. Anyone who is in need of legal assistance but cannot afford one can receive them. Rhode Island Bar Foundation sponsors the program. The program is led by volunteer lawyers and undergrad students in law.

Rhode Island Center for Justice

The Rhode Island Center for Justice works in partnership with local organizations to ensure legal cases involving homeless and destitute people serve justice. They defend the rights of the community. The Center for Justice, a non-profit organization, educates the public on their legal rights via safety programs. They represent the community in matters such as immigration, employee rights, compensations, foreclosures and unpaid debts. To make an impact in pro bono cases, they partner with local universities to train new lawyers.



Crossroads provides the services necessary to help clients overcome homelessness. They provide housing, job placements, shelter, and educational programs for the homeless. Multiple properties are available throughout Rhode Island to provide shelter for multiple families. 

Crossroads offers Education & Employment programs to help clients achieve stability. Crossroads also offers counseling and job training programs. They work to provide shelters for families as quickly as possible.

Realtor Foundation And Their Rent Assistance Program in Rhode Island

Realtor Foundation: Rhode Island provides assistance to families and individuals who need rent assistance, home renovations, or other housing-related needs. The Foundation is required to support the community in any way possible, including housing-related programs. They offer scholarships, financial assistance, and community activities. They work to improve the quality of life in their communities by raising funds, arranging volunteers for residents, and charitable organizations and individuals in need. 

The Realtor Foundation offers classes for charitable and educational purposes. The Foundation offers support to families and individuals in crisis, as well as non-profit organizations that share the same mission. The Foundation’s mission is to provide financial and other assistance to help communities become more productive and enriching.

Valley Affordable Housing Corporation

Valley Affordable Housing Corp. is a private, non-governmental organization that creates, owns, and manages appropriate, secure housing for the community. VAHC is an independent organization that is well-known for its modern development as well as notable reclamation, redesign and renovation ventures.

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