Rent Assistance In West Virginia

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Single mothers who are economically disadvantaged work hard to provide shelter for their children. This article will provide information on useful resources and rent assistance programs available to single mothers in West Virginia.


Faithworks works with other ministries and churches to address the basic needs of the community. They offer a variety of programs that aim to end West Virginia’s housing crisis. They work with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. Faithworks provide emergency services for people in need. Tenant-Based Rent Assistance provides financial support to homeless families in order to help them find permanent housing in West Virginia. 


The Emergency Food and Shelter program provides temporary shelter and food to those who are in greatest need. They can also help with rent and utility bills. Pay It Forward Program provides emergency financial assistance for those with money-related problems. These funds can be used for rent, electricity, gas, water and sewer. 

Faithworks runs The Potter’s House, a daycare shelter. It was established in partnership with United Methodist Churches a few years back. It provides shelter, food and security to victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence (mainly children and women). They donated food hampers and funds to many households in need of assistance through a partnership with United Way Community Impact Grant.

Christian Help

Christian Help is a church-affiliated charity with the sole purpose to help all people in need. They offer support and services to all people, regardless of race, gender, origin, or ethnicity. Christian Help responds quickly to the needs and problems of the community. They are open to receiving donations and charitable contributions in order to assist those who are homeless and facing poverty. Christian Help’s staff and volunteers help improve the quality and lives of many people through various community activities. 

This creates a stronger association between the community members and the staff. The charity assists people in achieving economic stability and personal fulfillment. They provide shelter, food and assistance with bill payments (power, sewer, etc. They provide job placements and medical assistance. The Christian Help also has a pantry that accepts food donations and passes them on to the people who need them.

South-West Virginia Legal Aid Society

The Southwest Virginia Legal Aid Society provides assistance for low-income families with legal issues. These legal services are provided for no cost. They are the owners and operators of their own private law firm. The SWLAS focus on safety, security, well-being, housing situation, food availability, work, and education for the members of the community. They provide assistance to the elderly, children and women with disabilities, as well as those with physical disabilities. 

The SWLAS represent the community in matters such as unlawful evictions and child custody, immigration, employee rights, compensations, foreclosures, unpaid utilities bills, and employee rights. They offer counseling, support groups, educational services and support. They try to settle legal cases without having to go to court. This saves both time and money for all parties. They handle the most delicate cases, such as domestic violence and homelessness.

Safe Housing and Economic Development

Safe Housing And Economic Development

Low-income families can receive assistance funds through the Safe Housing and Economic Development program (SHED). These funds are used to repair and maintain their homes. They respond quickly to emergencies involving safety, security, and health. SHED Assistance is available to those who are qualified. They identify urgent problems and inform the SHED consultants. Once approved, qualified staff are hired to do the work. The Community Works supports this domestic maintenance and repair program and funds are donated by Benedum Foundation. The majority of the work is performed by consultants with different backgrounds. Safe Housing and Economic Development can improve the lives of many families by providing them with the necessary funds and support for socio-economic growth. This creates a stable, secure, and healthy community.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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