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Where you decide to live during your years as a university student will have a big impact on your experience in college. Whether it’s on-campus, off-campus, or in a homestay — it is possible to find renting options for college students that will make you feel at home, even if you’re thousands of miles away from family. The University of Washington offers all of the housing types above. We’re ready to give you the low-down on all three, but we’ll also look at a fourth option — temporary housing.

On-Campus Housing

Living on campus is an extension of student life at the University of Washington and is a fun way to forge authentic relationships. There are many UW student housing options, including residence halls that resemble dorms and living options that are similar to high-end apartments. Each of the on-campus living arrangements offers amenities like shared kitchens, study rooms, and fully furnished bedrooms. These make the transition to living and studying in the same place seamless. 

It’s not a requirement for students to live on-campus, but many first-year students (nearly 70%) choose to live on-campus for their beginning year at the University of Washington. The residence halls enable easy access to all kinds of study spaces: the library, computer centers, and cafes. Many of these are a quick walk away. Both single and double rooms are provided, so you get to choose what kind of living arrangement you prefer. All of the rooms are furnished with the basics. You can customize your room using items such as your own bedding and towels. 

On Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

Living off-campus enables students to experience a different type of independence within the safety of the University District and the Greater Seattle Area. Most off-campus living setups include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area. The space and number of bedrooms and bathrooms you can secure depends on your budget — and whether or not you desire to share the adventure of independence and university life with a roommate. Housing selections include apartments and individual bedrooms in a shared house. Some off-campus housing may not have the fully-furnished feature that on-campus housing includes. However, off-campus housing comes with many other benefits.

The University District is one of the most popular off-campus neighborhood areas for students that want to stay close to the college campus. It is within walking distance of the school and is outfitted with bus and light rail services. It’s a location with easy access to get town and the city of Seattle. 

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Homestays are housing or renting opportunities where international students can live with a family during their time at the University of Washington. This is a really neat way for international students to have a first-hand experience of American culture and family. It can also be a buffer for the transition into a new country. It is an excellent opportunity to be surrounded by friendly faces and to practice conversational English! Some host families are quite involved with their homestay students — picking them up from the airport, providing food, and even assisting with job searches. Finding work is a good way for international students to contribute to their support network during their stay in Seattle. 

Host families provide their students with a private, furnished bedroom and often include students in their family routines and activities. You can choose whether or not you want your meals to be supplied by the host family. It’s advised that you find a homestay through a reputable agency.

Temporary Housing

If you’re new to the Seattle area and need a temporary living arrangement while you find a long-term solution, there are many hotels and motels around town. It’s best to make reservations at least two weeks in advance so that you’re able to get the kind of amenities that you need. When you’re booking, you can also reach out to the hotels and see if they have a University of Washington discount. Many short-term accommodation options are prepared to give a competitive rate for students who stay longer than 14 days.

Final Thoughts

Washington State is becoming a more and more sought-after renting location for students to settle down due to its booming economy and multibillion-dollar corporations. It is home to several of the most well-known companies in the world as well as countless other prosperous companies that offer career possibilities. Washington State not only offers its citizens a flourishing work sector but also exceptional natural beauty. The Evergreen State lives true to its moniker. With nearly 60% of the state’s population, Seattle receives the greatest attention and has a large number of notable neighborhoods. But there are lots of other wonderful places to live in, so you can’t really go wrong.

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