Salvation Army Housing Assistance

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The Salvation Army makes sure to help those in need of assistance, including housing. They have emergency homeless shelters and long-term housing assistance available. This group of people provide a wide variety of services for people in need.

Programs Under Salvation Army Housing Assistance

Homeless Shelters

Local Salvation Army homeless shelters offer shelter for those who have nowhere to go and are in dire need of shelter. They offer financial assistance for emergency housing costs in cities that do not have homeless shelters. In these cases, they refer people who are facing food and housing insecurity to their partner programs. Even in times of crisis, shelters for homeless continued to innovate and evolve to meet the needs of their community. 

Salvation Army Transitional Housing Assistance

The Salvation Army’s transitional housing programs provide hope for the chronically homeless, temporarily displaced and young adults who have been out of foster care. Their temporary shelters offer food and shelter to those who are experiencing an eviction, domestic breakdown, addiction, or other housing crisis. They also provide support and resources that will help them regain stability.

Their facilities often partner with local agencies to meet a specific community’s needs. (The Salvation Army White Mountain Outpost teamed up to operate a new transitional housing program at Lakeside, Arizona.)

Permanent Supportive Salvation Army Housing Assistance

Permanent Supportive Salvation Army Housing Assistance

The Salvation Army offers long-term housing services. These include supportive facilities for the elderly, affordable housing programs for low income seniors, apartment assistance for vulnerable young people and dedicated living communities for homeless families. They support those with fixed incomes, people who are struggling to get out of poverty, and families trying to provide a safe home for their children.

Like many other senior living communities in the country, they faced some difficulties when the COVID pandemic struck. However, they managed to cope through the holiday season, and continue to serve delicious Thanksgiving meals to their residents.

Re-Entry Resources

The Salvation Army’s centers provide food, lodging, counseling, and vocational services for homeless, destitute, and young people. Clients are empowered by their dedicated caseworkers on-site to take responsibility, achieve their goals, and become self-sufficient. Even after residents have secured permanent housing, they help them to maintain stability by providing emergency food and utility assistance.

An example is the Home Sweet Home program of The Salvation Army of North Texas. This program helps people to overcome homelessness by providing caseworkers as well as tools to help them manage their household budgets.

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