SAT Score Range 2024 – What Scores Are Good And Bad?

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Wondering whether your SAT scores are good or bad? Learn more about the national average SAT score range in 2022 for writing, critical reading, and mathematics here.

When the SAT scores arrive in the mail, many students want to ensure that they did well enough to get into at least one of the colleges of their choice. To do well, students have to be good essay writers, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. Ever since the new SAT scoring system came into effect, many are confused about what a “good” score is. Here is what students should know about how high they should aim to do on their SAT exam.

National Average SAT Score Range 2024

The national average for the new SAT scoring system is 1500. Students who do this well on the exam are likely to get into most four-year colleges. ut students who earn lower than the national average may still get accepted if they have good grades. 2400 is the highest possible score that a student can earn when taking the SATs.

Also according to the Princeton Review, scores that are below 1100 are considered poor. Students who earn this low may find that they will not get accepted into the college of their choice. They may need to retake the test to earn a higher score or may need to attend a community college before a four-year college or university will accept them.

Average SAT Scores By Section

The new SAT exam consists of three sections: writing, critical reading, and mathematics. Some colleges may look at each score when deciding on admissions. If students do exceptionally well on one section, their chances of getting accepted may still be hurt if they do very poorly on another section.

Students should aim to earn at least 500 points on each section of the SAT. However, the national average for each section does vary. The national average scores for each section in 2009 were:

  • 493 for writing
  • 501 for critical reading
  • And 515 for mathematics.

Do SAT Scores Matter?

Average SAT Score

SAT scores do matter. The extent to which they matter varies according to college, however. The best thing that students can do is find out what scores are desired by the colleges to which they plan to apply. A good idea is to use special services if you need help writing a paper to increase your grades. Some colleges and universities weigh SAT scores more heavily than grades and extracurricular activities.

Students who wish to go to schools that are more selective about admission should aim to earn more than 1500 points on their SATs. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the student earns, the more options he or she will have to choose from. That said, most public schools will generally accept students who have earned a score that is near the national average.

Students who are planning to take their SATs should do all that they can to prepare for them. There are preparation books on the market that can help. Most schools also offer SAT prep courses for each of the sections of the exam. Preparing for the SAT before taking the test is the best way to ensure a good score. Even with preparation, however, some students will find that they need to take the SATs several times before earning the score of their choice. This is why it is ideal for students to begin taking the exam during the spring of their junior year.

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