Self-Sufficient Grant For Family & Individual

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The Self-Sufficient Grant is a Modest Needs signature grant. Self-sufficient grants are made to help individuals and families who are not eligible for conventional social assistance but are still able to live without a paycheck.

It is there to assist those who work hard but have no other options. They also help those who give back to the country, such as teachers, first responders, and veterans returning from overseas service.

Who Self-Sufficient Grants Are For?

  • An Individual Or A Family Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • Unexpected or Urgent Expenses Without A Short-Term Cash-Up
  • A monthly bill that they cannot afford to pay due to a documented extenuating circumstance within the last year

Modest Needs assists with expenses such as the cost of medical care not covered by insurance, the cost to repair or replace a major appliance, the cost to purchase work tools or uniforms, and the legal fees required to complete an adoption. And tragically, the cost of burying a loved one who has suddenly died.

Who Self-Sufficient Grants Are For
You work hard but it’s impossible to make ends meet.

Modest Needs might consider paying a monthly bill for your household on a one-time basis if you are forced to take an unpaid leave off work due to your child’s illness or can’t afford your auto insurance.

Income And Employment Guidelines

Modest Needs assists low-income workers who struggle to pay for immediate emergency expenses. Its applicants must adhere to the following income- and employment guidelines:

  • At least one adult in the household of the applicant must be employed at the time the application is submitted.
  • Each applicant’s primary source of income must be income from work, child support payments, Veteran’s Benefits, or retirement income (including Social Security retirement benefits).

Modest Needs frequently grants households that receive incomes other than the ones listed above (Social Security Disability Institute, for instance). They will not grant grants to applicants whose household does NOT meet the income or employment guidelines.

Self-Sufficient Grant Limitations

Modest Needs can never help people to afford expenses falling into any of these three categories.

Taxes / Legal Fees and Fines

These expenses include any federal, state, or local taxes, as well as past-due child support payments. Fines/legal fees related to a civil offense or criminal offense against which an applicant is charged. (For example, we cannot pay traffic tickets or help you retain an attorney because of a crime.

No Cash

Sending cash directly to applicants is not allowed due to Modest Needs policies. Therefore, they can’t help applicants pay for groceries or gas, cover an overdraft in their bank accounts, or repay a payday loan.

Rental payments to someone renting from a relative are also not allowed. Applicants needing help in paying utility or rental deposits cannot receive assistance. 

Credit Card Debt, Bankruptcy, Or Luxury Item Expenses

Modest Needs believes that responsible giving is the best form of giving. As a matter of policy, Modest Needs does not assist people with credit card bills, filing for bankruptcy, or making scheduled payments. They also do not provide assistance for luxury goods and services (such as the cost to replace television or take your family on vacation).

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