Shelters For Homeless And Pregnant Women With Low-income

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There are plenty of housing programs to support Homeless and Pregnant Women with low-income in the US.

So, being an expecting mother, even in the best circumstances, can be challenging. It’s even more difficult when you’re struggling to keep a roof over your family’s head. It’s worse when there’s no safe place that you can call home. 

Many homeless or low-income pregnant mothers and their children are especially at risk. This is because many single moms don’t have a support system in place to help. In some cases, many pregnant women and their children are fleeing from abusive and toxic homes. 

Thankfully, there are shelters for Homeless and low-income pregnant women. Below, we’ve listed some of these programs and how they can help you. 

Alexandria House, Los Angeles – Housing for Pregnant Women

Alexandria House, Los Angeles

The Alexandria House in Los Angeles offers a temporary home to pregnant women and single mothers. Their goal is to provide a supportive and safe home for pregnant women and mothers from an emergency shelter to permanent housing. Alexandria House can take in single mothers with as many as three children.

They were founded in 1996. This program is located in the Mid-Wilshire area in Los Angeles. Since then, their house has helped 200 single and families. These families have included at least 315 children. 

More than 90% of the people that Alexandria House has helped have gone on to find permanent housing. In 2020 alone, Alexandria House sheltered more than 100 people. 

Aside from temporary housing, Alexandria House also provides educational and advancement opportunities. They are committed to helping low-income pregnant women, no matter their cultural background. 

Casa de Los Angelitos, Harbor City, Los AngelesHousing for Pregnant Women

Casa de Los Angelitos is a non-profit home where struggling pregnant women can stay until the birth. They is also the only maternity of its kind in the South Bay Area in Los Angeles. 

The non-profit has a five-bedroom house in a residential area of Harbor City. It’s just minutes away from shopping centres, schools, hospitals, and churches. Being situated in a residential area means that their residents will be cared for in a supportive and safe environment. 

In Casa’s home, the women spend time together preparing their meals and sharing their experiences with pregnancy. There are programs to help women gain the knowledge and the skills they need to be better parents to their children. 

They have been helping pregnant women for more than 30 years. Casa has cared for and supported at least 800 babies during this time. Many of the mothers cared for in Casa’s home have led successful and happy lives. 

Dream Center, Los AngelesHousing for Homeless Single Mothers

The Dream Center has a faith-based “Transitional Housing Program for Homeless Families.” The program provides temporary homes to families with adults between the ages of 18 to 23. 

The program also provides homeless families with spiritual and emotional support. Their goal is to provide a supportive home for struggling families, including single mothers, and help them achieve long-term success. 

Elizabeth House, PasadenaHousing for Homeless and Pregnant Women

Housing for Homeless and Pregnant Women

In the year 1994, Elizabeth House began sheltering homeless pregnant women and single mothers with small children. They opened their doors to give shelter to homeless pregnant women and mothers with small children. 

Their house also includes a program that will focus on mothers’ spiritual, emotional, and physical needs in a crisis. Their program includes providing education on health care and nutrition, parenting and childbirth, and even planning a career. 

Elizabeth House also provides single moms with weekly sessions with a therapist. Their long-term goal is to help single mothers reach independence and gain stability in their lives. 

Harbor Interfaith, San Pedro – Housing for Homeless Single Mothers   

The Harbor Interfaith has decades of experience in helping homeless families, including single mothers and their children. They are the “Lead Agency in Service Provider Area (SPA) 8.” 

Harbor Interfaith provides housing and service plans to families that are homeless. These include families with one or two adults and a minor child. They also assist struggling mothers in their third trimester and if they have a “high risk” pregnancy. Lastly, their income must be below or at 30% of Area average income.

CESF – Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding

The program works through the CESF. The CESF assists at-risk families by connecting them with programs and services for which they are the most eligible. You might need to qualify for services through them. 

To do this, you will need to meet their definition of family and be at risk of becoming homeless.

To find out more about the referral process and to see if you qualify for their homeless services, you need to contact the HUB where you’re situated. 

The SPA 8 CESF will need to know your basic information to assist you and your. The SPA 8 CESF will include the following: 

  • Your name and contact number 
  • Number of people in your family (number of adults and children)
  • The zip code of where your family last stayed
  • Information of whom the family stayed with last

Harvest Home, VeniceHousing for Homeless and Pregnant Women

For struggling pregnant women in the Venice area of Los Angeles, there is the Harvest Home. They provide temporary homes to homeless pregnant women and their babies. 

The struggling mothers can join Harvest Home while they are pregnant. After their babies are born, the mothers can stay on for an extra three to six months. 

Since 1989, the program has had a residential home that gives struggling pregnant mothers a safe and supportive environment. The home can accommodate up to ten pregnant women and babies at one time and 30 women per year. 

Harvest Home has assisted more than 540 families in three decades. Even though Harvest Home is a Christian organization that is open to all women from different religious backgrounds. 

Harvest Home provides various programs to homeless pregnant women to help them build a happy future and care for their children. This is on top of providing a home for at-risk pregnant women. 

One of the services involves providing classes for childbirth and infant care. There is also a doula and mentoring support for pregnant women. The women will still be able to join parenting groups to help them prepare for motherhood. 

Harvest Home provides a supportive environment that encourages its residents to complete their GED and participate in certification and employment programs.

Program’s Purposes and Goals

Harvest Home, Venice - Housing for Homeless and Pregnant Women

The program also encourages healthy living for both mothers and their children. Harvest Home provides nutrition classes and yoga classes. There is cooking and meal planning changeover so that their residents can practice their cooking skills. 

The program’s goal is also to help women reach long-lasting financial independence. To help pregnant mothers reach their financial goals by encouraging them to participate in savings programs, teaching them money management skills, and creating a monthly budget plan. 

The program provides therapy sessions to women free of charge. Residents can also join support and recovery groups for support. Harvest Home also provides classes on how to achieve emotional growth and improve their anger management skills and conflict resolution skills.

House of Ruth, Washington, DC – Housing for Homeless Women

The House of Ruth assists homeless women and children who were abused and live in Washington, DC. Their program has been helping single mothers and their children recover from traumatic and abusive pasts. 

House of Ruth has been helping single mothers since 1976. Each year they’re able to assist more than 110 families. Many of these families include single mothers and their children. 

Their programs provide housing to families, including single mothers and their children, who have left an abusive home. The families live in rent-subsidized apartments and can get access to services to help them recover. 

These services can include a “trauma-informed daycare” for the children of single mothers and families. There are also support groups and after-school and fun activities for the children to help them regain a more normal development.  

There are also free counseling services to empower those in need, no matter their background. These services will include work to help parents develop a strong and healthy bond with their children. 

Every single mom and her children will receive one-on-one attention and care to help them reach their new goals. These new goals can include creating and maintaining habits and relationships, achieving stable mental health, and even how to stay sober. 

Midnight Mission, Los Angeles – Housing for Homeless Women

The Midnight Mission in Los Angeles has its Women’s Crisis and Bridge Housing Program to shelter homeless women. Their program works alongside other services that assist struggling women in their community. 

Their goal is to end homelessness by providing services to give these women the resources they need to live independently. These services can include the following: 

  • Temporary housing
  • Mental health and medical care
  • Meals
  • Access to their “on-site school.” 
  • Career and job counsellors 
  • Housing resources

It’s their goal to connect as many struggling women with permanent housing as possible. If, in some cases, this isn’t possible, there is temporary housing with the needed services available to struggling homeless women. 

Conclusion About Housing for Homeless and Pregnant Women

For homeless or low-income pregnant women in the US, some homes and programs can help. Each home or program will offer its services and training programs to help pregnant women become independent. 

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