Signs of A Player That Single Moms Should Know

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Players are hard to figure out at first glance. Most players look innocent and fragile, as if they would never hurt you. They are skilled at deceit, which is why they are so adept at winning hearts. These are signs that he may be a player and it’s time for you to tap out and move on from the toxicity in the future.

Signs of A Player #1: A Master of Making You Feel Good

Signs of A Player: Master of Making You Feel Good

The way he smiles at us makes you weak at the knees. What happens when he touches your skin? It is almost scary to think of how he can melt you in his arms. It might feel like you’ve known him for a lifetime.

Players have had a mix of a variety of women. This gives them plenty of experience in seducing women, and leaves you wanting more. Although they may not have known you for years, they are familiar with enough women just like you to know that you are their favorite.

He’s certainly a player. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t good at making you feel good. There is always a chance that he could be your soulmate. However, if you find yourself looking at the list and thinking, “Wow, that sounds just like him”, think again. You may have just found signs of a player.

#2: He’s Way Too Nice

Someone trying to charm girls with little charisma is going to end up being dumped frequently. Pay attention to his interactions with others. Is he able to tell people what to do or say to make them like him? He seems to make friends quickly and easily without a care in the world.

Charisma is a good thing in and of itself. We all need some of it in order to survive in the world we live in. You should be cautious with men who seem to have too many of these things, regardless of whether they are players.

#3: Likes Being The Center Of Attention

Center Of Attention signs of a player
He always wants attention.

The common trait of players is their attention-seeking behavior. They love to be the stars of the show. This is also something that won’t make you think ‘this guy’s an athlete’ because he doesn’t just want attention from women. He loves attention in any way he can.

He might dominate a conversation in a group. He’s not irritable if he’s the topic of conversation. Low self-esteem is one of the main reasons for attention-seeking behavior. They feel more confident about themselves if they get any attention, even negative ones. 

Combine this behavior with charisma, and you have the recipe for a great player. He would be a great ego booster if women fell head-over heels for him.

Signs of A Player #4: Makes You Feel Amazing in Bed

Many players will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable in your bed. You’d be greeted with kisses, and made to feel beautiful. If you had to rank your partners according to who you liked the most, he would be either the first or the third.

Just thinking about the nights you shared together makes you feel flushed. It would be easy to remember how he made you melt with just a few words, or how long he kept your mind on the next thing.

Mysterious Character

Men who are difficult to read or a little elusive have a certain charm. Because they have a dark personality, mysterious and distant men can be very sexy. You feel even more connected to someone when they seem to be keeping a distance from the rest. It creates the illusion of exclusivity, which makes you feel special.

These behaviors don’t necessarily contradict what was previously discussed about attention-seeking behavior. While a man who is simultaneously attention-seeking, and elusive can cause trouble or make him the center of attention, it also reveals so little about him that you wonder why he is this way.

You might think he is showing off an art piece he created for you and your friends. But when you ask him how long it took him to paint it, he will just smile and answer “a while”, instead of giving more concrete answers

Signs of A Player #6: Has Deep Wounds

He won’t reveal much about his personal life. He was a bit hesitant to share details of his life, but he did not respond. It’s clear that he is keeping secrets. This fact may spark your curiosity and inspire you to learn more about him.

It could indicate that the player has been through bad experiences and may have trust issues. It’s not a common occurrence for players to prey on women. Many of them are actually players because they have been hurt in the past. No matter what the reason, it is important to prioritize your own needs. Do not let yourself be discouraged by trying to help and modify a player.

Protective of You When Someone Else Wants You

He may become more protective if he sees you approaching from a man, or he might claim that the other person is hitting on you. It’s possible to not realize it, and believe he’s just crazy or jealous but he will eventually prove you wrong.

It might be a mystery to you why he is so adept at it. He’s actually quite skilled at doing those moves. He is familiar with all the tricks so he can understand immediately what he sees when someone tries something.

Enjoys Mind Games

Mind games might seem normal if you’re a fan of romance novels and soap operas. What could be more romantic than your man remembering all the things you love about you just as another is about to take you away?

However, in real life they are one of the worst things in a relationship. So keep an eye on what he does with other people and you. Is he flirting with other girls just because he sees you with a man? These are red flags that he is manipulative and not good at communicating. These are two traits you shouldn’t have in your partner if you want to keep the relationship going.

Signs of A Player #9: Always Busy

It’s possible that he doesn’t prioritize you if he messages or meets with you only at night.  If he really likes you, he won’t wait until nine or ten to call you. You might be able to send him a greeting during his lunch break or, if work is slow, he may just say hello.

This is a simple distinction, but the difference between a regular player and a professional is that the pro will make every situation seem romantic. He won’t treat you like a booty call. Even if he doesn’t reach out past midnight, he will text you and make you feel important.

Uses Love Bombs

His presence can be compared to a hurricane. You will feel swept off your feet by his affection and left feeling utterly breathless. You’d be so grateful to him for giving you gift after gift and showering you with compliments.

This is love bombing and it’s a simple way to make it difficult for you not to fall for him. You might not be the only one affected. You might find him just as passionate towards his friends, coworkers and bosses. It is possible to wonder where he gets all that energy. His love may seem too sweet, perfect, or too fast to be real, but it is most likely true.

Friendly With Most Girls

It’s great to have a guy who is friendly with you and your friends. This is not the kind of friendship we are referring to. This is friendship with a little flirtation. Pay attention to how friendly he is to your friends and with whom. You might be concerned if he treats the women you know better than the men.

He could just be better at communicating with women than he is with men. But it could also be that his goal is to get the ladies to love him because it feels good to be liked. You might notice some red flags in his social media activity. You may notice certain patterns.

Bonus points for him not being a fan of your gang and prefers to avoid them. He might not want his actions to be noticed by your friends, or he could get in trouble. He’d accuse you of paranoia if you confronted him about it. Why can’t guys be friends with girls?

Doesn’t Introduce You To His Friends

Doesn’t Introduce You To His Friends
Does he introduce you to his friends?

He doesn’t want to have you meet his friends. Although he might be open to meeting your friends, he seems not to be interested in introducing them to you. If you meet up with a friend, he will not bother to get to know you well and might even try to get you out of the way.

This could be because his friends know he is a player and he doesn’t want them to talk about the girl who was in his arms last week. Even if his friends are loyal enough that he knows they won’t spill the beans on him, he may want to keep you away anyways in case one feels guilty.

Signs of A Player #13: Pushes Your Personal Space

An occasional error is forgivable. However, if he ignores your protests or has been doing it too often , then he’s trying to force you . This is a well-known trick that players use. You can seduce a woman by giving her little time to think and she will be forced to follow you.

Emotions can get out of control and it’s difficult to be rational. You’ll often overlook warning signs that should have raised alarm bells. If a man does this to you it’s to prevent you from taking a step back and thinking clearly about what he is up to.

Many women who are victims of these things end up blaming their injuries. They wonder “What was I thinking?” but the truth is that they never had the chance to think.

Likes Control

Sometimes players simply enjoy the affection they receive from their female friends. It’s often about the feeling of power and winning a woman’s affection. It’s thrilling and satisfying for some men and women to feel the thrill of winning over someone . They’d throw you out if they were certain they have you wrapped around their fingers and move on to the next conquest.

Doesn’t Have Plans for the Future

He’ll shrug when you ask him about his future plans. He may say he is just living in the moment and doesn’t care about tomorrow. However, that is not enough to make him a bad player. Sometimes people just drift through life because they feel more free and believe it’s better not to worry about tomorrow.

However, if he is that focused on the future and has ticked off all the items on the list, it reinforces the possibility that he could be a player. Players don’t make plans. They move from one relationship to the next, taking what they want and then leaving when they feel bored.

Lori Pace
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