Signs Of A Complex Personality That Single Moms Should Know

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Have you ever heard that you are complex? Do you find yourself creative or do you tend to overanalyze? No matter how complex or simple you are, there is one thing certain: You need to learn to accept your individual personality traits. Each personality type has its positives and minuses.

What Is Complex Personality, and a Complex Person?

It is important to stress that complex people are not personality types, but personality traits. Complex minds are able to see things differently. They may not have one answer to a question, but they will analyze many different things.

They see everything at a deeper level. Their personality is the antithesis of superficiality. They bring their unique perspective to the world into every aspect of their lives.

Complex people have many layers that make up their meaning. Each layer serves a purpose, such as emotional intelligence, creativity, listening, and creativity. Complex personalities are, in a nutshell: creative people who don’t stop analyzing the thoughts of others and looking at the world around them.

Signs You Have A Complex Personality

You Love Detailed Answers

Being a complex person, it’s hard to answer people with a yes or a no (unless asked). That’s a valid definition of a complex person. Because the key ingredient to meaningful and deep conversation is receiving and giving detailed responses.

Overanalyzing is Always a Part of Your Day

Are you prone to analyze the words and actions of others? Do you tend to self-analyze? Complex human beings are defined by their ability to analyze and over analyze. Your mind is certainly complex if you can do it.

Overanalyzing and thinking too much can lead to depression. This can lead to mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Often Worrying and Difficulty Being Present

Also, worrying about the future and past is a sign of overthinking and excessive analysis. This is when you cannot stop thinking about your ex and why you failed the exam. It is also about not being able to stop thinking about the future. These scenarios can be very negative and cause you to worry. The hardest thing is letting go of everything.

You’re a Great Listener

Great Listener complex personality

You are friendly and you avoid drama, just like beta characters. Your friends and family appreciate your listening skills. If someone is having a problem, or simply needs your attention, they will come to you. Why? Because you try to understand their problems and possibly find solutions.

Your listening skills are not limited to that. You also have overthinking and empathy abilities.

Complex Personality Don’t Like Small talk 

Small talk lacks meaning and depth, it is difficult to understand how anyone could love it. Deep topics, thought-provoking questions and intellectual conversation are things you fully understand and live for.

You Like Challenging Things

Challenging Things

Complex people don’t live a simple existence. It is why you should be looking for challenges every day. Because you are aware that it is essential for your growth, you shouldn’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You also understand that changes are necessary for your personal growth.

You don’t wait around for the challenges to come knocking at your door. Instead, you actively seek them out. You are motivated by your complexity.

You Have Sheer Focus and Creativity

Creative people are particularly complex.  Complex minds are a good thing. They have a clear focus when they are doing something and then they can turn on their creative talents.

They make it fun to do even the most mundane tasks, such as washing dishes. You don’t have to do the same task twice, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing else you can learn. Focus and creativity can make any task seem new. 

It’s Easy to Express Yourself when You Have Complex Personality

You love expressing yourself in different ways, from dressing up to speaking. You don’t mind sharing what you think on social media and in real life. Being a complex person means being genuine. You can’t pretend you’re someone you aren’t or blindly follow the rules of society.

Easy to Express Yourself
Can you easily express your emotions?

You are the creator of your world, with your unique personality . And you don’t mind sharing your complexity and ideas with the rest. You have to be true to yourself.

You Believe In Actions Speak Louder Than Words

What does it mean for someone to be complex? This also means you are more focused on actions and less on words. This means that you value someone’s actions far more than their words.

There is no problem with a superiority complex or inferiority complex, as you would not have any problems with narcissists. You accept things as they are, and this applies to you as well.

You shouldn’t trust someone just because they say certain things. Until they prove it, you won’t. You’re a fan of the phrase “Actions speak louder than words”, which summarizes complex person meanings.

Complex Personality Prefers Experience Rather Than Material Things

You love to travel and explore all things. Because you are not materialistic, experiences are what matter. Beauty is not found in fast cars or other materialistic ideals that are celebrated in modern society. Instead, your focus is on extreme minimalism rather than the pleasure that comes from experiencing things.

It could be anything, from time spent in nature to hugs with loved ones. This is a sign that you are part of the complex crew.

You Judge People By Their Character Instead of Their Looks

You shouldn’t judge people based on their looks. There are many other aspects you can analyze about someone. Because that’s where the true beauty lies, you should be focusing on their character.

You won’t be able to understand others if you share your thoughts with them. They’re likely under the influence and ideals of social media. It is highly recommended to do a social media detox.

Every person is treated the same regardless of their position, whether they are a waiter/waitress, or boss at a company. While anyone can hold a title, their true value is in their character.

You See Beauty in Everything

You can see beauty everywhere, no matter where it is. You will notice beauty everywhere you go, whether it’s the sky, flowers or other details. The beauty in the smallest things is deeply embedded in your personality, which is what gives life meaning.

Beauty of life complex personality
You have a positive perspective and see true beauty in things

You see more than a flower to some people. It is clear that someone cared for that flower. There are many layers to things that you see, even if they seem simple.

Complex Personality Helps Create Your Own Happiness

Don’t wait for the right things to happen. You are an active participant in your life. You are the creator of your happiness.

You are determined to make the most of your talents. You don’t fear challenges and won’t settle for jobs or other tasks that are not enjoyable. Because of your complex mind, you are competent in multiple areas. You have many options and doors to choose from in your life. You know how to use them.

You’re Not an Attention/Validation Seeker

Attention-seeking is something you should never do. You are confident in who you are and don’t fear revealing your true self to others. Your complex personality is not something to be ashamed of. Instead, you praise it. This is similar to alpha personalities, who are confident, self-assured and powerful. They don’t need validation for their views, and neither should you.

Because you already have 3,739 tabs open in the head for analyzing it, you don’t need anyone else to tell you if something is good or not. You believe in your critical thinking abilities. They become more precise and complex with time.

You Have a Full Spectrum of Emotions

Spectrum of Emotions
Complicated emotions you have?

People often use the term “complicated” to describe those who don’t mind showing and feeling all the emotions. Complexity means that you feel everything deeper than others and are not afraid to share it. This can be overwhelming for some people, but it is also something that many people appreciate.

It is a difficult and courageous thing to be in touch with your emotions. It demonstrates vulnerability as well as genuineness, both of which are complex traits.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!