Single Mom Poetry: Inspirational and Precious

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It is difficult to raise a child as a single mother. So, sometimes you may feel overwhelmed and want space. These poems and letters with single mom poetry will motivate you and help you appreciate your ability to manage multiple tasks. For example: feeding and teaching children.

An Independent Mother

An Independent Mother

She’s an independent mother

With a lot on her mind

She’s also strong unlike any other

A woman like her is really hard to find

She does her best

Keeping their home lovely

Sometimes she doesn’t even rest

Even when life isn’t so easy

Her children are her batteries

They’re the ones who keep her going

All she needs is her family

They’re everything, without even knowing

A Single Mom Living In A Man’s World

She’s Smart

She’s Driven

Right from the start

All she can offer she’s given

She’s a gentle yet blunt soul

To be paid right and recognized was her goal

Not only for she’s raising children on her own

But also for the skills she has honed

Single Mothers live their lives on hard mode

Women deserve more chances, can’t you see?

She didn’t choose this road

But she chose to fight for a better life, and she can guarantee

Defeat is Not In Her Dictionary

Single mom poems

She kicks ass everyday

She’s a fighter

And No, she doesn’t live in a fairy tale

Every battle her world just seems brighter

She yearns for peace of mind

And everyday she tries to be kind 

Even if life isn’t what she had in mind

But she’s stronger than every problem combined

Defeat is taboo

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t pick her battles

Everyday she’s got something to go through

Everyday there’s struggles

But she stays grateful

For being able to provide

And For having children who are fateful

Who she holds up with pride

Single Mom Poetry: A Letter To All The Single Mothers

Dear Single Moms,

Everyone’s proud of the way that you love, protect, and teach. As you would travel to the ends of earth, fight mythical beasts, and navigate the seven seas in your child’s place. Your strength is limitless, and your perseverance has no limits. You will always win in all your fights because you don’t give up.

You can manage your career, cook three meals per day, keep an eye on your children, and still do the laundry and clean up. See? You are a powerhouse, it can’t be said enough! Every mom is a powerhouse. She is the mother, protector, and nurturer all in one. It is not easy to manage a career, look after a family, and raise children all on your own. In fact, it takes lots of courage, strength, perseverance, and sheer strength to perform two roles simultaneously. This is why it deserves the highest accolades. 

Letter To All The Single Mothers
You are not a machine but you work and multitask like one! Superb!

These single mother poems are meant to make you feel just as precious, inspirational, and special as you are. So, if you ever feel overwhelmed or struggling, remember to find the strength in these poems and continue being the amazing woman that you are. We are proud of your perseverance, despite all the struggles you have had to overcome.

You are God’s gift for mankind.

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Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!