Single Mom Stigma You Must Let Go!

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Why is society so critical of single mothers and not fathers? Single mothers are often viewed as lazy, untidy, drug-addicted, selfish young people who can’t get their act together. Meanwhile, single fathers are viewed as heroes. This single mom stigma has to be stopped!

Why shouldn’t single fathers and mothers be treated equally? For that matter, parents should be treated equally.

It drives me crazy to see society so judgmental. Single mothers are already feeling awful, but society’s stigma and ignorance of single moms are not helping. Some single mothers are a result of the sudden death of their partners or husbands, while others were cheated upon. Some singles are fleeing a violent relationship or an addicted partner.

The focus on the absence intentionally masks the abundance single mothers provide. They run a household, look after their children, and are responsible for their family’s emotional and economic welfare. While some women may prefer to be a ‘solo parent’ or a ‘lone parent, the language still points towards the same thing. This demonstrates how much society values the traditional two-parent family. Single mothers are often portrayed as what they aren’t. This is a serious and dangerous miscarriage of justice.

Single Mother Stigma(s)

Single Moms Are An Accident

This belief is a multi-dimensional one and another example of women being blamed for a bigger problem. The statistics don’t support this claim. The most current data shows that half of all single mothers in the country have never married. The nation’s single mothers make up just over half of those under 24 years old, and 15% are younger than 20. 

These numbers could be interpreted to support shallow assumptions. What is not being acknowledged is the fact that over half of single mothers in the U.S. have been widowed, divorced, or separated.

Single Moms Raise Criminals

It is easy to blame single mothers for the crime. A magnifying glass shows many factors that influence the rise and fall in crime in the U.S., including access to thriving schools, income from the household, and sexual abuse. It is wrong to place all of America’s crime on single mothers. 

Single mothers are the reason that many of history’s most notable figures have been raised by single mothers, including Barack Obama. The majority of crime is linked to poverty and not the structure of the household.

Single Moms Are On Welfare

To avoid hard work, right-wing naysayers created the image of desperate, aimless women who line the streets holding their hands out under the government’s spout. The reality is that welfare in this nation is not enough to sustain one’s life. 

On average, cash payouts are about $430 per month, and most Americans don’t stay on it for longer than five years. What about single mothers? 45.8% of single mothers in America have received food stamps. Only 11% of single mothers have received cash benefits. This means that more than half of single mothers in the country still support their families despite the odds and a society that doesn’t support them.

Single Moms Are Loose Women

Yes, this single mom stigma is about our vaginas. It doesn’t matter if it’s tongue-in-cheek sarcasm or a thought-piece rant about single mothers ruining an entire generation. The bottom line is that single mothers have too much sexual activity. We got pregnant because we didn’t think ahead, didn’t care about the consequences, and wanted to be sexy, or, worse, trap a man. No matter the reason, intercourse requires that two people of opposite sexual orientations consent to the creation of a child.

Some men may be absent from their children’s lives for real and valid reasons, such as active duty military or parents (mostly fathers) who have been incarcerated. Single mothers are not caused by sex, but by missing fathers. The men are often left out of these conversations.

Letting Go Of The Single Mom Stigma

Letting Go Of The Single Mom Stigma

We must let go of the stigma associated with single mothers! Single mothers are independent, strong, self-motivated, capable, hardworking, educated, and motivated. They can also be happy, joyful, and happy. It can be difficult at first. It can be difficult emotionally, physically, and logistically. 

Single mothers who make it through two years as single parents can still enjoy their lives, are happy, and take control of their own lives. Just like every mother, our children are our top priority. Life is amazing.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!