What to do when being a single mom sucks today

Single Mom Shares: Sometimes Being A Single Mom Sucks!

Last Updated on December 8, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

We’re just honest today – being a single mom really sucks sometimes. As easy as some moms may make it look, there are times when you need someone to help share the load of being a parent. Whether it is emotional or financial, you don’t want to do it alone.

When you are sick and only want to lay in bed or sleep the day away, there’s no one to allow you to get well while they watch the kids.  It can even be as simple as taking a shower when you have a new baby, and you are a single mom.  All you want sometimes is a moment alone.

Why Being A Single Mom Sometimes Sucks

Single Mom Shares

One day, I had the worse stomach ache and nothing in the house to take for it.

I talked to a friend on the phone, complaining about my stomach, when they suggested that I go to the store and pick something up.  My response was, “I would have to wake up my son and drag him with me.”

It was after 9 pm; he was sleeping and had school in the morning. There was no way I could do that. My friend responded, “Oh yeah. I forgot.” This statement upset me more than it was supposed to. I was frustrated because it is times like this that I wish I had a significant other who could get up and run to the store for me or who could stay at home while I ran to the store.

Let’s be honest; sometimes, single parenting is hard and unfair.

The next morning, I felt awful. I went to bed at three in the morning, after going back and forth between having chills, then feverish. Topping off my fever and runny nose – I started wheezing. At 6:15, the alarm goes off, and I feel like I was hit by a bus!

I didn’t want to get up, put clothes on, and get my kids up to start getting ready for school.  Not only didn’t I want to get up, I surely didn’t want to have to drive them to school.  It’s days like this that I wish there were someone to say, “Stay in bed, honey.  I will take care of everything this morning.”

Being A Single Mom Sucks Because We Don’t Have Any Off-Days.

As a single parent, you’re always on. There are no off days. No breaks.

There are rarely times to enjoy a bubble bath without someone banging on the door or reading a book without being interrupted. Even though this is true for all parents, a single mom’s time is sacred, and that even though you do everything, there’s no partner to appreciate all you do.

Being a single mom is hard work. It is even harder when you don’t have the privilege of joint custody or an ex who will take the kids even when it is not their time. What we crave is just someone to be our helpmate, our right hand, who is willing to share in the responsibility of being a parent and not only a part-time parent.

We need help, and sometimes we need a break.

What To Do When It’s Too Much?

Being A Single Mom Sometimes Sucks

Moms, remember that you are not alone at all.

Some days are overwhelming; others are an absolute blessing. The best thing you can do for yourself is to see all the positive things in your life and stop dwelling on the negatives. If you need some financial resources or some advice on staying positive through it all, check out the matching links.

This is a season – just like your childhood, college, maybe even your marriage. Try to see your years as a single parent as a season, even though some days may feel like mid-winter. Spring is always just around the corner, don’t ever forget it.

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