Single Mothers Assistance in West Virginia

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These are single parent assistance programs that you can take advantage of in times of need in West Virginia.

Single parent assistance programs in West Virginia

Food Assistance for single mothers

The SNAP provides food assistance to low-income individuals, single mothers, and families through an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Card. The card is used to supplement your food budget and can only help you buy more nutritious food for yourself and your family. Learn more about the program and locate a SNAP office near you online or call the SNAP hotline at 800-642-8589 for immediate assistance.

These are other programs:

Summer Food Service Program

Credit Counseling

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) provides help in consolidating debts into one payment a month. They will give you a credit counselor that will handle all arrangements with credits. Visit their website or call 304-522-4321 or 888-534-4387 to learn more.

Free Medical and Dental

Valley Health – 304-525-0572

Valley Health is available across the state, visit this page to locate their clinics. They offer these services: OB/GYN, pediatrics, optometry, Black Lung, silicosis, and asbestosis. Services are free to the homeless through their Healthcare for the Homeless. The Harmony House offers medical, dental, counseling, and much more.

Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department

The Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department fixates on dental care. They offer free or low-cost dental aid. Visit this page to learn more.

Community Dental Care of Green Bank – 304-456-5433  

View the clinic’s website. Visit this page to see a list of free and sliding-scale medical and dental clinics.

Housing Help for Single Parents

Housing Counseling Services

Qualified residents are given counseling on buying, renting, default, foreclosure, credit issues, and reverse mortgages, visit this page to learn more.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Visit this page to learn more about avoiding foreclosure

Veterans Assistance

Visit this page to know more about preventing foreclosure.

Utility assistance for Single Mothers

Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)

The LIEAP, a federally funded program for qualified low-income customers. Visit their website or call 800-642-8589 to learn more about LIEAP and how to apply.

Low-Income Rate Assistance

They offer a reduced rate of 20% in the months of November to March on all gas and electric utilities. Qualified customers in the age of 60 and above are required to receive either SSI, WV WORKS, or Food Stamps in the months of November to March. Check with your gas or electric utility about the program. Visit this page to learn more.

West Virginia Statewide Utility Assistance Organizations

Visit this page to see a list of help by county.

Dollar Energy Fund                        

Visit this page or call 800-642-8589 to learn more.

Telephone Discount

Lifeline, a federally funded program that provides qualified customers with a $9.25 discount every month on telephone services. Call your telephone service provider if you’re interested in applying. Visit this page to see telephone companies for wireless and landline plans.

Prescription Assistance

The Rx Drug Card Program is free for all and does not need any requirements in order to receive one. Prescription discounts are available for medications that are needed for your conditions. They cover brand-name drugs and generic ones too. Visit this page to get your card and save money when you’re in need to buy your next prescription. Contact 877-669-6959 for inquiries.

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